permanent smile with fixed dental implant teeth

4-Steps To Having A “Permanent” Smile with Fixed Dental Implant Teeth


Do you feel shy to smile because you have?

  • A missing tooth
  • Missing multiple teeth
  • Your upper or lower jaw has no teeth. Do not fret; you can have fixed ‘permanent’ dental implant teeth.

The procedure of fixing permanent dental implant teeth aims at bringing your smile back. Giving you the confidence to show your teeth and perform basic operations e.g. eating, drinking and even speaking.


A denture is not only removable, but it moves around when you eat, drink or talk. However, to give you your confidence as you indulge the mentioned activities, permanent implant denture allows for less bulky teeth that are attached to implants.


The implants are rigid and restrict movement while speaking, eating or drinking. You, therefore, have a second chance at gaining back your confidence to smile for the world. Dental implants are indistinguishable from other teeth.


The procedure of getting fixed “permanent” dental implant teeth, averages a few months but it can take years to have your teeth replaced permanently. It includes:


Step 1: Consultation

This move is imperative in teeth replacement. It is where I meet with you to discuss whether having dental implants is the best option for you. I will want to know more about your dental and medical history.
You will have to take an X-Ray and to help me assess your gum tissue, dental health, bone structure, etc. An in-depth insight of your dental and overall health will assist in determining if you are suitable for a dental implant procedure.

Step 2: Surgery

If you are a good candidate for dental implants, the next appointment will be placing the implants. The implant is placed where tooth root is missing. It is a process that may involve extractions, bone grafting and / placement of the implants.
Implants require a period of osseointegration where your bone fuses with the implant. For healing and anchoring of the implant, you may have to take 3-6 months to let the implant replicate the strength of original root.

Step 3: Making the Final Teeth

After the healing period, an abutment will be attached to the dental implant. Temporary teeth are placed on these connectors.
We will also discuss the specifics of how you want your teeth to look like, from colour to type of replacement teeth. Even the curvature of your natural teeth. In other instances, when placing the implants, the abutments are also attached.

Step 4: Permanent Teeth Placement

The final step in this process is the placement of permanent replacement teeth over the custom or prefabricated abutments. It’s done after the dental implant has securely bonded with your jawbone.
We must ensure that your bite is has balanced carefully. Hygiene and care for implants are the same as that for other teeth. When you finally get your permanent crowns/ dentures/ bridge, you will be able to chew normally.
The number of steps varies from one patient to another. Some conditions allow for a combination of different levels.

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