biology of tooth

Biology of the tooth and knowing a bad tooth


From ancient times teeth have been very special having stories from fairy tales to scientific studies. It would be unwise to study about bad teeth before having prior knowledge about teeth and its features.

What is a tooth?

A tooth is a firm structure found in the jaws of a person used when eating food. It is a misconception to think a tooth has no cells, but it is rather made up of different tissues that have various levels of hardness.
What are the features of a tooth?

A tooth has three parts that are unique from each other and serve different purposes. The following are part of a tooth:

  • The crown
  • The crown is the part of a tooth in someone’s mouth that you can see. Food is chewed upon its surface. It is made up of a hard substance called enamel.

  • The neck
  • The neck is the part of the tooth that lies in between the crown and the root of a teeth.

  • The root
  • The source/root of a tooth is the part of the tooth embedded in the gums of the mouth.

Different teeth in a person serve different purposes, and they all serve particular purposes in the mouth. The four types of teeth in a person’s mouth are:

  • Incisors
  • These are the frontal teeth in a person’s mouth, and they are chisel shaped to enable you to bite food.

  • Canines
  • Canines are pointed and are used to tear food like meat.

  • Molars and premolars
  • These type of teeth have ridged like surfaces that are used to grind food.

What causes a bad tooth?

With the knowledge on the biology of teeth, it is important to note that teeth also are prone to destruction due to several factors each affecting different parts of the tooth. The following points illustrate the common behaviors that would lead one to have a bad tooth:

  • The most common cause for a bad tooth is the practice of bad oral hygiene methods. Unhealthy oral health behaviors would include the following.

-Eating a lot of sugary foods may end up giving you a bad tooth. The bacteria in your mouth would thrive well when you eat a lot of sweet food and will be the cause of your dental problems.

-Not brushing your teeth will also give you a bad tooth. If the bacteria in your mouth are not removed regularly by cleaning, you are likely to get a bad tooth.

How would you identify a bad tooth?

Identifying a bad tooth is quite easy as the signs are easily visible.
How you define a bad tooth;

  • A bad tooth has got a black color that signifies it is decaying.
  • A bad tooth would be painful and sensitive
  • A bad tooth can by identified by causing you have bad breath.

How to prevent bad teeth?

Preventing a bad tooth can be done by ensuring that you visit your dentist regularly to have a checkup. You can also prevent a wrong tooth by ensuring you maintain a good oral hygiene that includes brushing your teeth after every meal.

If you want to avoid bad tooth, it is wise for you to prevent it first, but in case, you have one it will not hurt visiting a dentist.



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