bone-grafting when you will need it

Bone Grafting; When you’ll need it


Bone grafting is often for patients requiring dental implants as well as a previous procedure. Grafting is a repairing of damaged bone process, by use of guided tissue material which is a material made of mineral.

Reason for bone grafting

You may require bone grafting when;

i. You have lost teeth in the past.
ii. Your teeth got lost because of an infection.
iii. Under-developed teeth– congenitally teeth that are missing.
iv. Loss of teeth due to trauma has occurred.
v. You are preparing for an implant and hence have to lose a molar tooth.
vi. You are getting ready for immediate implant replacement.

Cause of Bone loss

When materials that are non-organic fill the void in your teeth space after an infection, aging or even missing teeth, they cause loss of bone which leads to the need for bone grafting. The graft then mixes with your blood and turns into a new bone in four to six months.

The bone grafts being different from transplants, are not subjected to rejection and are without the organic material.

Main types of grafting materials used

The types of grafting materials have similar rates of clinical success on which the preference is often discussed during a consultation and based on patient’s ethics, preferences as well as the experience of the said materials.

They are:

i. Synthetic (Man-made materials i.e. mixture phosphates and calcium )
ii. Xenografts (Minerals derived from animal bone )
iii. Allografts (Minerals from bones of humans)

Types of bone grafts

If you are considering a bone graft as advised by your dentist, you should keep in mind that there are different kinds of bone grafting depending on your situation.

They include:

i. Socket preservation grafts. That sort of bone graft is often done immediately after extraction of a tooth. It becomes used in repairing and preventing, during healing, the loss of bone. Also, it involves filling the void left by extracting of the tooth with materials that help in replacing of bone.
ii. Onlay grafts. The onlay graft is done long after the loss of tooth and is used to repair thinned bone on its outside/ periphery as well as regenerate it which was caused by infections, aging or even missing teeth.

The onlay grafts are three different types. They are:

a) Particulate grafts. Usually reserved for defects that are small or moderate, it involves adding a bone in the particles’ form.
b) Block grafts. The block grafts often are reserved for errors that are medium or even large and includes adding a bone in the block’s form.
c) Sinus Augmentation grafts. The sinus is used to repair thinned bone in the insides of sinus cavity as well as regenerate it. It is often done in the areas of the upper molar and long after the loss of teeth.

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