bone reduction levelling

Bone Reduction Leveling; when is it appropriate to have one?





Bone Reduction Leveling or as often referred to in medical terms, alveoloplasty, involves the leveling of the surface of the jaw to make it optimal for anchoring dental implants. It is an alternative to bone grafting in certain situations.

Conditions that may require Alveoloplasty

If you have one of the following, then you can choose to have a bone leveling procedure instead of bone grafting:

    • Dental Implant Bridge

The process is limited to situations where the full arch needs teeth replacement. The added thickness after leveling increases the stability of implants. This will, in turn, improve the resistance of the implants to fracturing and breaking of the bridge.

    • Missing Gum Tissue in the Upper Teeth

In the presence of atrophy, some specialists may use pink tissue porcelain to mimic the lost gums. The leveling helps to minimize the transition between live gums and the synthetic enamel.

    • Treating long span missing teeth

If you are missing all teeth or have a long span missing teeth, you may consider having alveoloplasty in place of bone grafting. Bone leveling heals faster and is less expensive than bone grafting.

The procedure has its disadvantages which include:

  • If alveoloplasty is done on a single missing tooth, you may end up having a large gap between the teeth at the gum line and the implant. This leads to a ‘black triangle’ effect where there are huge, open black triangles between your teeth
  • For cosmetic dentistry on the upper front teeth, it is preferable to opt for bone grafting and not bone leveling

The black triangle effect may lead to trapping of food in the holes which would result in bacterial growth. Your dentist may request you to take a CT scan to help determine the precise location of leveling and also the amount of bone.

The dentist will then be able to create a uniform modified ridge just by looking at the healthiest segments of the rim. Bone leveling is an option to consider for those who may want to avoid bone grafting.
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