Clear (Porcelain) Braces- An Alternative To Traditional Metal Braces


What Are Clear Braces

If you or someone in your family has been told that braces are needed to correct their teeth you might be interested in learning more about clear braces.  When compared to the traditional metal braces that many people have endured the clear braces often come out on top.  These types of braces often serve as a cosmetic alternative rather than the metal one.  This is because they can barely be seen when looking at the teeth of someone wearing them.  Clear orthodontic braces are usually made of a ceramic or plastic material but function just like the metal braces do.  Unfortunately these clear braces will come with a cost that is much more than the metal braces.

Clear Braces


Who Can Wear Clear Braces

Clear braces are most commonly worn by patients who are of adult age but are becoming increasingly more popular with teenagers.  The reason behind this is because adults and teenagers alike would rather not have someone see that they are wearing braces to correct the problems they are having with their teeth.  Clear braces use clear elastic ties to help keep the braces much less noticeable.


What Are These Braces Made Of

Most often clear braces are made of ceramic materials.  These materials can be compared to other materials such as glass and other glass like substances.  The downside to this is that because they are made of a ceramic material they will be brittle and will break easily.  They also do not take force very well and will break with very little effort.  This is where you would have an advantage with metal braces.  They are a little more durable.


Removing The Braces

One thing to consider when deciding what type of braces to get is how they are removed once they are on.  The clear braces are a little more difficult to have removed for the simple fact that they are much more brittle.  General dentists that do orthodontic treatment and orthodontist will be required to use a special type of pliers that is designed specifically for removing the clear braces in hopes to not have them break during the process.


Most general dentists that do orthodontic treatment and orthodontists will treat clear braces the exact same way they would treat the metal braces when it comes time to put them on, take care of them during the time they are on the teeth and removing them is the same except they require a special type of pliers.




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