Demystifying The Myths About Dental Implants


Did your dentist advise you to go for an implant but you don’t have the courage to do it? Just go for it. Since you desire to have that great smile, to eat comfortably again, ignore those myths that you have heard about the implants.
The stories behind your fears are not true. They are the myths. They include:
i. Dental implants are painful.
That’s not true! Most patients often are afraid to do the implant which once done they say, “This was easier than I anticipated!” Some things factor into whether you will feel pain.
First of all, the situation is different for every patient with the ease or even its difficulty. Secondly, it depends on your ability and how well you heal. Also the skill or training of your dentist performing the implant matters.
You shouldn’t decide to put an implant based on the factor of pain, only choose by looking at what will give you best result on any treatment. Keep in mind that even after the procedure, prescriptions provided by your dentist to reduce pain matters.
ii. Dental Implants are Expensive
Did you know that an average three tooth bridge costs almost as much as a dental implant? Thus the myth about the expense of the implant isn’t right. The implants can be long term which likely doesn’t require replacing whereas the bridge is replaced every seven to fifteen years.
With a bridge, the adjacent teeth are ground down into nubs irreversibly hence that fact solely is worth the implant.
iii. Dental implants take long
Given that it takes quite some time for implants is not entirely false, but you have to understand the reason why. Having an implant takes three months (for the lower jaw) to six months (for the upper jaw) compared to the bridge which takes three to six weeks which is quite a sacrifice for a benefit that is in the extended term.
By nature, bone takes a while to heal. After the implant surgery placement, the bone next to the implant has to heal (osseointegrate). Just like when you break your arm, you have to put a cast for it to heal and repair properly.
iv. Patients don’t need implants
You may feel that you don’t need an implant, but that isn’t the case. Sometimes you just have to take a chance to eat better and smile more by having an implant.
v. Only specialists place the implants.
Unfortunately, many general dentists with licenses believe that too. It is outrageous. You should discard this myth since every general dentist has the needed skills to perform an implant and can learn how to place the dental implants successfully without any qualms.
vi. People will notice the difference between your teeth and the implant
As absurd as it sounds, this myth has never been more wrong. One of the best things about your implants is that they closely resemble the typical natural teeth. Unless you tell people you have an implant, no one will be able to point it out.
vii. The implants are uncomfortable
Another one of the myth is that it is uncomfortable to have an implant. The implants feel as well as look as the regular natural teeth. The only difference will be that you replaced your missing tooth hence helping you smile more which in fact is a significant opportunity no one would want to pass it.
viii. The Implants require lot of work
Everyone loves clean mouth with fresh breathe that’s why we brush our teeth at least twice daily. The same goes for the implants. Once placed, they become part of your set of teeth which you brush as often as per your routine with no special privileges and eat and chew whatever you want.
Don’t let these myths hinder you from being comfortable and fear to go for the implant. You need to put aside your fears and listening to people rant about this myths and just take a step to care for your health wellbeing.

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