dental implant or implant overdenture

Dental Implants, “Dental implant or the implant Overdenture?”


You may be having a low self-esteem to show that perfect smile you once had due to denture issues, but you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You know you have to do something about it, and an implant is what comes to mind. The question then becomes whether you need dental implants or just the overall implant overdenture.

As hard as it may sound, ask yourself first, is your denture loose?

In response to that, implants can support traditional denture and allows you to speak again and also eat with comfort and relish. They are not only secure, but they also offer freedom from all the annoying clicks and wobbles of dentures. You will finally take a breath from worrying about messy pastes or dentures that are misplaced.

Fixed implants are an excellent solution for patients who have lost many if not all teeth. When replacing an overdenture, implants are placed typically in the upper and lower jaw, and they serve as a foundation for the dental bridge when they heal. Over each implant, an abutment/a crown placed and connected between them is a fabricated tooth called pontic.

The crowns and bridges’ materials are porcelain fused or metal and look as close as the original teeth. The porcelain feel is as realistic as most patients can’t know their smile difference of before and after.


An overdenture implies partial denture or full whose modification is to attach to dental implants. With its procedure, sufficient bone density allows for denture fit or adjusted for fitting. Implants, two or more, are allowed to heal after placement, and then the denture is clipped on the implants.

For implant overdenture, they replace lost bone and gum and also improve the appearance of the facial. It is cheaper than fixed bridge that isn’t removable and hence often chosen. The implants bear the dentures’ pressure instead of the denture using the gums’ pressure to stay put hence no need for adhesive use.

Most patients felt that the more natural and comfortable feel was with the fitting and texture of full/partial dentures when secured to dental implants. With time, patients can choose to replace dentures and have more dental implants placed with a set of fixed bridges whereas the upper jaw having soft bone leads to the top denture requiring more implants.



The most inappropriate thing to do is to under-engineer any overdenture since they will fail in few years due to few implants or when poorly designed. It is like going to fish without the bait. Patients with fixed dental implants or even overdentures still require to monitor jaw’s density in regular dental checkups and to ensure the implants continue to be solid.

Therefore, an overdenture is the great solution for those with dentures as they can be attached to the existing dentures.

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