DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE: Why you need to Support those suffering from TMJ Disorder


If you have a loved one suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, this is the time to keep them close and give them as much support as you can. TMJ disorder causes different levels of pain to different people.
One common factor is that it is irritating. One is not able to move the jaws regularly to perform basic movements such as chewing. Sometimes, it is even impossible for one to sleep. This irritation may be more irritating especially if you do not understand the root of the problem.
When suffering from chronic pain, one’s quality of life reduces significantly. Everything changes and you don’t enjoy the activities that you used to anymore. TMJ causes discomfort, and without proper diagnosis and treatment, it could increase one’s stress levels.
Picture this, and you are facing a myriad of symptoms. You do not know what is causing this and decide to visit a specialist for guidance. Unfortunately, after the appointment, both you and your specialist don’t know the cause of your symptoms. How would you react to this?
Many TMJ Disorder patients have expressed depression as the people close to them fail to understand what they are going through. Research has shown that more people are likely to commit suicide when suffering from chronic pain.
Those suffering from TMJ disorders tend to be reserved and feel uncomfortable around people. To avoid this: it is recommended for one to keep in touch with others who are going through the same issue, say a TMJ support group. Being part of a community gives you confidence, and alleviates loneliness.
Since treatment can take a long time, it is good to be well-informed about your condition. Get the best attention from a specialist. Ask as much question on the available treatment options and make an informed choice. You also need to fight for your health.
Do not give up even if the going gets tough. Your overall health is important, and some people have gone through what you are experiencing, some much worse and they defeated the condition.
Speak up about your condition and let others know that they are not alone in this. Here are several measures that you can adopt to help relieve your pain:

  • Get a TMJ Consultation to see how your pain is associated with TMJ disorder. Dr. Soordhar has extensive experience and training in TMJ Disorder Treatment.
  • Relaxation: Some people have turned to yoga, meditation or massage to help them relax. Guided imagery and relaxation helps deal with the pain associated with TMJ disorder.
  • Try sleeping on your side. Use a pillow as support between your neck and shoulders
  • Soft foods allow the jaw to rest. Avoid crunchy/ chewy foods.
  • When yawning, support the chin with your fist. This prevents the jaws from locking while open and also any damage to the joint
  • Wrap an ice pack with a clean piece of cloth and place it on your skin for 10-15 minutes. The ice promotes healing and also numbs the pain. They also decrease inflammation.
  • Practice jaw exercises to promote healing and increase the mobility of your jaws. Over-the -counter analgesics may also come in handy to relieve any discomfort in your jaw. Refer to your doctor or dentist to get a prescription.


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