gums need training after dental implants

Do Your Gums Need Training After Getting Dental Implants?


Being able to replace your missing teeth is pretty exciting. However, once you get dental implants, you will need to train, groom, and shape the gum around your implant. This is where we try to get the gum line around the dental implant in your front tooth to look natural.

The temporary teeth/tooth placed on the dental implants before getting permanent ones, helps the gums follow the shape of the new tooth. The shaping of the temporary crowns in the proper way helps the gums to form a gullwing arc around the tooth. This process may take 2-6 months.


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Implant require a lot of bone in the outer wall around 1-2 millimeters of an outer wall. This should be topped up with good and thick tissue of your gums. If these are not present, you may need to have a bone graft or gum graft to achieve the required volume.

With an adequate amount of tissue around the implant, your tooth will be natural looking. In that, it will appear as if it’s coming out of the gum and not laying on top of it. During tooth extraction, care should be taken to ensure that the tooth is properly extracted while at the same time minimizing loss of gum tissue during the procedure.

For your front teeth, it is preferable to use smaller and longer dental implants. If the teeth adjacent to your implant suffer bone loss, it increases the chance of gums not filling completely. This results in the “appearance” of a small black triangle on the gums around the implant.

Each’s case is unique to another. Each person takes different periods to be regularly shaped, up to more than a year for some. For a great look, it mostly depends on your gums and not the porcelain. Dr. Maurice Salama who is a Implant, Periodontist and Orthodontist Specialist says “The Bone sets the Tone but the Tissue is the Issue”.

Sometimes, gums become sore around your implant.

Causes of Soreness in the Gum Around Your Implants

  • If the area around your teeth isn’t properly cleaned, you may get irritation around the gum tissue. Food particles sometimes collect around this area.
  • If you are suffering from Peri-implantitis; this occurs when the area around your implant becomes infected. It can lead to implant failure.
  • Indications of a mucositis infection; this happens when your gums start to become red and inflamed around the dental implant. It can grow into a more severe infection.
  • If your crowns and bridges are not made to fit with neighboring teeth and tissue; this can result in irritation of the gum tissue.

Healthy gum tissue is resistant to bacterial infection. How do you keep your gums healthy? By regular brushing and flossing. Remember to brush or floss with minimal force as you do not want to irritate your gum tissues further.

A vicious cycle is set up once the tissues become inflamed. Infected tissue is less resistant to infection. When the good tight gum tissue attachment gets lost, and more materials get trapped, the bacterial build up could potentially destroy the bone and tissue beyond repair.

If you experience soreness around the implant, consult with your dental specialist for a way forward. You can also reach out to us for free consultations if you are not satisfied with the treatment for the soreness.

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