Everything you need to know about pediatric dentistry


All parents can agree that there is nothing better than watching their kids grow healthy and happy. That is why they do whatever it takes to provide the best for their kids even before they are born.
If you want your child to grow with excellent dental health, you have to create the habit of having regular appointments at a child dentistry office.


This way your kid will grow knowing that going to the dentist is not a scary process. Having dental visits from an early age is important to detect if there is any problem with the kid’s facial structure even before it is fully developed, correcting issues that would be more difficult to solve in the future.

Your baby’s first dental visit should happen even before the first baby teeth show up. At Oasis Dental Milton, our team of caring professionals are ready to create bonds with your child and become their trusted dentists for a lifetime. On your baby’s first dental visit, you will be given instructions on how to clean and deal with the first teeth that are about to grow.
Dr. Soordhar will check to see if the infant is tongue tied, which can affect the baby’s feeding.

When your baby becomes a child, the dentist reviews start to get more important. The pediatric dentist assessment will not only discuss oral hygiene habits but also examine the growth process of the kid’s permanent teeth, check for tooth decay and cavities and provide proper care for any issue that may be happening.

Although important, visiting the dental office only happens eventually and parents have the responsibility to make sure that the child follows at-home oral hygiene habits on a daily basis. For that, the dentist pediatric care have some tips:

  • Choose to feed your kid with more fruits, vegetables and nutritious snacks instead of offering foods and drinks that have lots of sugar. This will not only avoid the formation of tooth decay but will also increase your child’s health considerably.
  • Examine your kid’s mouth at least once a week to see if there are any changes that require more attention.
  • When it is time to brush their teeth, check if your child is doing it properly and, if not, teach them how to do it in the right way with kindness.

Following these tips and taking your child to a dental or pediatric dentist’s office regularly, you will definitely have a beautiful smile to admire. If you need more information, please contact us. Cool attitude, kid’s friendly atmosphere and our patiently dealing with children makes us unique, no wonder kids think Oasis Dental Milton ROCKS!

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