dental implants and bone grafting

Explaining dental implants and bone grafting


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a surgical structure that is used to replace the root of a tooth that has been removed or is missing. A dental implant works by fusing with the jaw bone and usually take few months to recover.

The process of fusing is called osseointegration and is done with the help of titanium metal that fuses with the jaw bone easily.

Before deciding to choose a dental implant or not, several factors need consideration before choosing the dental implant procedure and Oasis Dental and Implant Specialist Team will review these factor to decide if you are a good canditate for a dental implant.


The following are the factors that need to be taken into account when before choosing dental implants:

    • The health of the patient.

If a patient is suffering from any ailments at the time of the procedure, the patient has to fully recover and prove to be medically fit for the process before implantation.

    • The health of the bone tissue.

When the bone tissue used for the implant is not in good condition, in that, it may be bleeding dental implants cannot be used till the tissues get cleared, as safe for use.

    • Medication utilized by the patient

There are some drugs that when employed, they may affect the growth of bones when an implantation has taken place. Hence it is good to tell your dentist what medication you are under before the whole procedure.

Advantages of a dental implant


  • A dental implant is advantageous in that when used it does not react with the body when it has been used to replace the root of the missing teeth
  • A dental implant made of titanium is preferable since during the growth of the bone structure it fuses well with the growing bone tissue.
  • Dental implants are used to provide stability along the teeth structure as it is flexible to allow for teeth movement.

An overview of the Procedure for placing dental implants


The process of dental implants requires a doctor with vast experience in prosthetics and surgical skills. The following is the overview step during the procedure;

At Oasis Dental, Dr. Soordhar and the Dental Implant Specialist Team will:
a) have an initial consultation to identify the right process to use.
b) 3D imaging will be completed to finalized the surgical and prosthetic (tooth) treatment plan.
c) Gum grafting, bone grafting and sinus lift augmentation may be required if there is a deficiency in tissue and bone volume.
d) After the grafting procedures has healed (minimum of 4 months), the dental implant surgery is completed under local anesthesia and sedation if required. The patient is then discharged, for the bone tissue to form and bind with the titanium implant.
e) After the implant is healed, the dental implant tooth is placed on the dental implant

Dental implants and bone grafting process are inter-linked, and they all serve the same purpose of aiding in replacing missing teeth.

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