How a Sinus Expansion Comes about and its Implications



Sinus expansion occurs when you lose teeth. Simply put, sinus expansion can be referred to as bone loss after tooth removal or loss. The sinus destroys the surrounding bone which you need so as to have dental implants.


This affects the bone quantity and quality and may be brought about by one of these conditions:


  • Periodontal disease which leads to loss of bone
  • Tooth loss may result in your bone being absorbed back into the body
  • When your Maxillary Sinus is close to the upper arch
  • If you are missing teeth in the upper arch


What are sinuses?

These are empty holes in your upper teeth, i.e., the area above your teeth. When your sinuses expand, it makes it difficult for you to have dental implants. If you are planning to have dental implants in the area, then you may need first to have a sinus lift bone graft.


The maxillary sinus is essential when having dental implants in your posterior upper jaw. It envelops the roots of the maxillary premolar and molar teeth, especially the first and second maxillary molars. When these teeth get extracted, the bone height may decrease by sinus expansion.


Implications of Sinus Expansion

Everyone is susceptible to sinus expansion once they lose teeth and with age. When you have sinus expansion then you will have the following:


  • The maxillary sinus gets out of place and thus affect the surrounding bone
  • You lose bone quality and quantity that is sufficient to have dental implants decreases

With low posterior maxillary bone height and the need to have dental implants, your dental specialist may suggest that you need to have a sinus augmentation. Sinus augmentation is commonly known as a sinus lift surgery.


The surgery is a standard treatment that has been adopted over the years and often with great success. It adds bone to the Maxilla located on both sides of the jaw and nose, in between the Maxillary Sinuses.


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