How the use of crowns can help you improve your smile


The positive effect of a beautiful smile is often underestimated, and that is why people tend to think that they are doing enough by simply brushing and flossing every day. If only they knew that visiting the dental office once every six months is the answer to having a healthy mouth for a lifetime. This is the minimum time for the dentist to detect teeth problems at an early stage and find the best solutions before it starts to demand more attention, time and money to fix.

Luckily, the evolution of modern dentistry has brought treatments that can bring fast and seamless results, no matter the severity of the case. The use of crowns, for example, is one of the most common procedures to restore damaged and fractured teeth, creating a corrective restoration that can last between twenty and thirty years.

“Porcelain crowns” or “porcelain fused to metal crowns” are one of the many procedures performed in the cosmetic dentistry are. They are mainly used to replace a major restoration when there is not much tooth structure left and to restore or protect a damaged or discoloured tooth, for example.

As opposed to dentures and other kinds of removable appliances that can be removed and washed every day, crowns are developed to completely cover the existing teeth and, therefore, are not removable. That is one of the reasons why crowns are guaranteed to provide a more natural and seamless appearance. crowns are also responsible for fixing structural damages the patient may have, guaranteeing the perfect recovery of the natural dental functions.

The process of applying crowns consists of reducing the size of the tooth or teeth before placing the crowns, that will perfectly match your normal teeth in both shape and colour. A provisional plastic crown will be placed before applying the permanent one, that will be cemented into place to give the appearance of a natural and healthy tooth.

Although crowns are designed to last for a long time, they can become loose or fall out if the patient fails to take proper care of them. To ensure the longevity of the crown, having good oral hygiene habits and visiting your dentist regularly is fundamental. If you feel that you might need to use crowns or just want to have a regular check-up at the dental office, Oasis Dental Milton in Toronto is the perfect place for you. Contact us right now for an appointment.



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