how to care for your socket bone grafting

How to care for your socket bone grafting?


After a ridge preservation procedure also known as socket bone grafting, it is common for one to find little granules in their mouth. This usually occurs in the first few days. They come from the graft site into your mouth, and it is a common occurrence.

Before Socket Grafting By Dr. Soordhar – Large cavity on tooth




After Socket Grafting By Dr. Soordhar



Socket bone graft is essential to all the front to middle teeth, i.e. the bicuspids. Theses teeth regions have thinner walls than the molars. Different people have different thickness in their outer wall bone.
Those with thin walls tend to have thin gums which guarantee that the bones will collapse as soon as the tooth is removed. The bone will collapse to close up the socket after tooth extraction.

How to take care of Socket Graft area

1. Rinse with salt water and/or Peridex gently after all meals and snacks to keep the area clean
2. Do not eat on the side of the socket graft to avoid disturbing it
3. Do not stick your tongue or finger over the socket graft.


For a smooth journey towards recovery and a pleasant one, please abide by the above. Also, as you rinse your mouth, ensure that you don’t rinse vigorously. It may disturb the granules. You may also need to go for regular checkups if you feel that something is not right.


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