how to get best out of your orthodontic treatment

How to get the best out of your orthodontic treatment


Patients often forget that they are also responsible for the success of the orthodontic treatment. As important as trusting an experienced orthodontist or dentist who does orthodontics is, the patients can make simple changes in their routine in order to achieve the best results. If not cared well, there can be delays that will result in more time and costs. Since nobody wants to stay longer than necessary using dental braces, Oasis Dental Milton has gathered some tips that will help you get the best out of your orthodontic treatment.


Never miss an appointment

One of the main reasons for delays in orthodontic treatments is missing appointments with the orthodontist. In the appointments, the orthodontist will not only monitor the results but also adapt the appliance with the necessary changes to keep the treatment going. If by any chance you are not able to attend the next consultation, contact the office and appoint a new one on the next date available.

Lack of proper oral hygiene habits

Without proper oral hygiene habits, especially when using dental braces, there is an accumulation of bacteria that can lead to dental cavities, plaque, tartar and even periodontal disease. To avoid that, you have to give extra attention on your oral hygiene daily and make appointments for teeth cleanings with your orthodontist on a regular basis.

Damages on the dental braces

Taking good care of the dental braces is as important as attending the appointments. If the dental braces have any damage, they will not operate properly and therefore will not help to achieve the best results. In some cases, they will revert the treatment or even hurt the patient’s mouth. A broken or damaged brace can result in a major drawback on the treatment.

Lack of information

Never leave the dental office with doubts about your treatment. Take your time to talk to your orthodontist about everything that comes to mind, whether it is about the maintenance at the office or what you can do to improve the treatment at home. If you discover something new about the treatment and feel like you need more information about it, do not hesitate to contact your orthodontist or to make an appointment.


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