implant dentures when u need to replace them

IMPLANT DENTURES; When you need to replace them


You may have had a denture implant but don’t know when to change or replace them. The change of denture implant has been a major question for most patients who don’t know what to do.

Fortunately, Oasis Dental Milton has the answer for you. There are many instances whereby dentures are replaced, within a year or even less but unluckily some patients wear their dentures for twenty-five or more years which is quite extreme for a denture implant to remain not replaced.

According to Oasis Dental and Dental Implant Specialist Team, the ideal time to replace your implant denture ranges from four to eight years. The perfect time is due to the average implant denture is fabricated from existing materials that wears out within that period, or the patient’s jaws have altered hence need for changing of the denture.

With every denture, the needs are different depending on the patients. The difference implies that various factors are necessary to consider and evaluate replacing of the dental implants.

These factors include;

i. Reduced Vertical Dimension
The vertical dimension is the appropriate linear relationship distance between the upper jaws and the lower jaws. It is unique for each. The ridges on which the implants rest shrink with a change in the patient’s jaw changes which leads to a loose denture fit and alteration in the vertical dimension.

Effects of Lost Vertical Dimension
Without a dental checkup or prolonged loss of vertical dimension, causes various effects which include:

  • Leads to individuals appearing older than their given age.
  • The facial appearance becomes sunken.
  • Change in the jaw joint in front of the ears called the temporomandibular joints.
  • Pain and difficulty while eating or even in speech.

Prolonged cases of vertical dimension loss become quite difficult or even impossible restoring the proper vertical dimension as well as efficiency in chewing by relining and fixing the older implant.


ii. Implant Denture Wear

Of course! The implant dentures do wear out! Despite the lack of chewing efficiently, excess wear of the implant denture affects aesthetics and causes issues associated with vertical dimension loss.

Whereas plastic denture teeth wear at a faster rate than porcelain, they are both susceptible to cracking and fragmenting.
iii. Deterioration

Nothing lasts forever. The implant dentures still deteriorate over time despite the use of biomaterials that makes them quite durable. As with all plastics, the denture teeth they lose their natural appearance, coloration as well as texture hence altering to look artificial.

Effects of deterioration;
Once the plastics start to deteriorate, they increase microorganisms’ contamination leading to;

  • Mouth irritation
  • Bad taste and socially unacceptable odors

These effects cannot be eliminated even with many dental cleaning. Therefore, a regular dental checkup is advised to maintain good oral health.

In conclusion, if ever you have had an implant, don’t hesitate to go for checkup often as possible. Everyone wants to have that smile that leaves a positive mark in people’s heart, so try the dental implants for a lasting impression and remember to take care of it.

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