Is Dental Implant Surgery Covered by Your Dental Insurance?


Having healthy teeth is vital to your well-being, to eat, speak and even chew with confidence. For a long time now, dental implants are the most sought after treatment for a missing tooth or teeth.
The success of dental implant surgery is backed by the high success rate of the procedure which is at 98%. It is implemented to sustain several dental prostheses which include: dentures, bridges and crowns.
With regular brushing and flossing of the implants and teeth, dental implants provide a lifetime of superior oral health. The procedure can, however, be quite costly more so if your dental insurance does not cover the procedure.
Traditional dental insurance only covers mild issues or procedures that affect your oral health. Dental implants are mostly considered as an elective procedure. If you are in need of one you may wonder if you are covered.

Your primary concern should be directed towards finding dental implant specialist or an implant dentist with enough credentials to back up his/her expertise. By finding one of the best implant dentists, then you are assured of the success of the procedure.
You can then work out the kinks of payment by discussing it with your insurance provider and the implant dentist of your choice. If you do not have any coverage, you can find out if your insurance provider offers indemnity dental insurance. This insurance is also referred to as a fee-for-service plan.
In an indemnity insurance plan, you can see the dentist of your choice. Also, the insurance provider will pay a part of (usually around 50-80%) of ‘reasonable and customary’ dental costs. In addition to this, the service provider will also cater for 100% of your preventive care. It will be so, after paying a deductible of the insurance.
However, before taking any insurance coverage:

  • Find out what the provider considers as customary or reasonable cost
  • Discuss with your dentist if he or she can accept that plan. Most do.
  • Scrutinize the policy thoroughly, to determine whether it will provide you maximum benefits that are in line with your dental needs
    Always keep in mind that your dental health matters more. Therefore, you’ll first need to have an implant dentist who can perform the procedure with success, after that discuss the payment options that are available to you.
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