Learning About Root Canals


Root canals are one of the most common procedures performed by dentists and routinely by endodontist (root canal) specialists). They’re a critical part of dental care for many patients, and are one of the most useful techniques for preserving oral health. Despite this, it seems like there are a lot of misconceptions among patients about what a root canal treatment actually entails. We’re going to demystify the root canal today!

What is a Root Canal?

Pulp is the living tissue that is inside each tooth in your mouth. Essentially, this is where the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the teeth are found. Pulp is also sensitive. That means that when you feel pain in your teeth, it is the pulp which is sensing the pain.

This procedure involves removing pulp from the center of your tooth if it is diseased or infected. Then, the root canal is cleaned out so that no trace of the infection remains. Finally, it is sealed off to prevent disease from creeping back in to your tooth.



The tooth infection (fistula) location was isolated and verified



The root canals and pulpal chamber were located, cleaned and

disinfected under magnification.



The root canals and tooth were sealed


Why do I need a Root Canal? Procedures that maintain the health of the interior of the tooth, also called “endodontics” are critical, because an infection here can not only be painful, it can also spread to other parts of the mouth and body and contribute to larger health issues.If you have a toothache, swelling in the jaw or mouth (abscess), or are suddenly experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity to hot or cold or biting, it could be because there is a problem in the pulp of your teeth. Dr. Soordhar and their endodontic specialist team can evaluate you and decide whether or not a root canal treatment is in fact needed, but if there is a severe problem with the pulp this will likely be the recommended procedure.

Do Root Canal’s Hurt?

This is one of the largest misconceptions in dentistry. There seems to be a very large fear around root canals which is largely unfounded. Root canal pain is typically not any worse than the pain that is associated with other types of dental procedures like fillings. Dr. Soordhar and the endodontic specialist will use all appropriate techniques to minimize your pain as much possible.

Much worse than root canal pain can be the toothache leading up to a root canal. Infections on the interior of the tooth can get extremely painful when left untreated. This is why it is important to see a dentist if you experience a lasting toothache.

Best of all, if you need a root canal, you will find that shortly after the procedure your pain should be greatly reduced.



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