Milton and Toronto Seniors’ Overall Health and Importance of Dental Visits


For patients at any age, Toronto’s caring dental professionals of Oasis Dental Milton are invested in far more than simply our patients’ radiant, room-illuminating smiles. We know that diligent dental care safeguards far more than a smile that makes a winning first impression; to the contrary, it’s a matter of ongoing overall health.


It’s true of few patients more than it is for our beloved seniors. As gum tissue frequently recedes with age, around 25 per cent of adults over the age of 65 lose all their teeth as they become increasingly vulnerable to periodontal diseases and tooth decay. Dental care becomes less an issue of consistent brushing, flossing and regularly rinsing and more a matter of detecting oral issues early before they can contribute to greater health complications in short order.

An oral infection stemming from gum disease can travel downward through the body and cause disastrous infections in joint replacements. Various periodontal conditions can begin a domino effect that gives way to heart disease, stroke, respiratory distress, and diabetes.

Never mind the cavities. The golden years are the times when looking out for your mouth and receiving regular checkups and diagnostic visits to a dentist can extend a life and improve its quality.


The surest way to eliminate oral cancer entirely is to detect and treat it as early as possible. Left to fester too long, the magnitude of the treatment needed increases to become dramatically more painful and potentially disfiguring.


Rather than being one-and-done prosthetics, dentures, on the contrary, require very consistent care. Properly fitted dentures are essential to an aesthetic comfort with one’s appearance and with maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet. Ill-fitting dentures can be dramatically harmful.

In addition to challenges of maintaining proper nutrition, an incorrect fit can cause bone-loss in the jaw. Left unchecked, the jaw will continually lose bone after extracting and removing teeth for dentures.


Also, improper fitting dentures can also create speaking, eating and swallowing issues that take the enjoyment and valuable health benefits out of fresh produce, nuts, and crunchier whole-grain foods.


Some of the side effect discomfort of medications for chronic conditions may not be necessary.

A number of drugs treating conditions from allergies, pain and depression to Parkinson’s Disease can cause a frustrating occurrence of dry mouth. More than simply being uncomfortable, that dryness can promote irritation, cavities in remaining teeth, and the spread of gum disease, as well as difficulty talking, eating, or swallowing.

If you’re suffering from oral discomfort or ailments due to your medications, contact Oasis Dental immediately. Collaboration between Dr. Soordhar and the prescribing primary care physician may lead to a solution that manages, treats or eliminates these painful complications.

We look forward to seeing our favorite seniors twice a year, and seeing them enjoying the greatest comfort we can help provide. Your golden years don’t have to take a tragic toll on your smile or an additional toll on your health through your teeth. Toronto’s Oasis Dental Milton staff looks forward to offering the most attentive dental TLC in the GTA.



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