Oasis Dental Provides Treatment For TMJ (Jaw Joint) Pain And Headache Treatment


Oasis Dental in Milton is now proud to be offering TMJ pain and headache treatments for all of its patients. TMJ can be a very painful and frustrating experience for someone to go through. Therefore if you feel you are suffering from symptoms of TMJ syndrome it is recommended that you contact Oasis Dental to be examined as soon as you can. Each patient will be evaluated and given a course of non-surgical treatments including exercises, myofascial trigger point treatment, phonophoresis, iontophoresis, and oral orthotic (mouth guard) to name a few to help correct the problem.


Surgery is not always the case. Some patients may be able to solve the TMJ issues through a series of exercises to be completed over several weeks to help strengthen the jaw muscles and help reduce the amount of pain. However it is possible that exercises alone will not solve the problem. In certain cases the patient may be fitted with a mouth guard to keep from grinding his or her teeth while sleeping. Most dentists will use surgery as a last alternative when other solutions have failed to provide relief.


There are many different things that can cause TMJ syndrome. They can be anything from a person have bad posture which causes strain on the neck and jaw line, grinding teeth, and even feeling stress within the jaw line and mouth. There are many other causes as well but these are the main ones.


The symptoms of TMJ are pretty much the same in everyone who complains. The symptoms usually present themselves with ringing in the ears, pain in the jaw, pain the facial area as well as the forehead, popping in the jaw when the mouth is chewing or talking. Without treatment these symptoms will only get worse and can sometimes cause lockjaw in which the jaw will not move at all.


If you are interested in learning more about TMJ syndrome and the treatments associated with it please feel free to contact the clinical team at Oasis Dental. Our team is a highly skilled dental team and will be happy to help you evaluate your pain issues and come up with a solution to help cure the TMJ pain you are suffering from. For more information, call 905-876-2747, email or visit our website at



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