Orthodontic Mini-Implants (TADs): Why you need them


Are your teeth/tooth crooked or out of place that it makes you shy to show the world your beautiful set of teeth? Well, the field of Orthodontics has undergone tremendous improvement to fix this for you in a simple, easy way.


Orthodontic Dental Implants are also referred to as Temporary Anchorage Devices or in short, TADS. They are temporary mini-implants used to straighten teeth by applying gentle, constant pressure to the teeth that need straightening.



The implants are placed in between your teeth on the outer part of the jaw, and very shallow. They are attached to wires or rubber bands, to help move your teeth in the proper direction.


The process of implantation does not require sedation and only anesthetic. It is a painless procedure with only slight discomfort as the mouth gets to adapt to the new object.


The only side effect of the process is the result of a phenomenon commonly known as “Loss of Anchorage.” This phenomenon is where the anchoring teeth move. Luckily, this condition can be rectified using Orthodontic Implant Technique.



Why You need Them?


    • To Eliminate the Use of Headgear

Wearing headgear can be embarrassing, and many people try to avoid it. People with protruding teeth or impacted cuspids often prefer to use braces. However, this may lead to the wearing of braces for a longer period, and sometimes, the results aren’t what you anticipated.

Using TADS, the implant will be placed at the center of your upper palate. It won’t be visible to the outside eye, and it acts as headgear. They are more efficient and are removed when braces are done.

    • To straighten Poorly positioned Teeth

If you have poorly positioned teeth, then these mini-implants can be used as an anchor to help straighten your teeth. They can also be used to close up gaps.


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