Our 3 Favorite Teeth-Whitening Toothpastes for Lasting, Whiter Smiles


The science and innovation of teeth-whitening has come a long, long way. Toronto loves a megawatt-shining smile, and while nothing commercially available has quite matched the value of a dental professional’s whitening treatment, we’ve seen some admirable home products come along to make teeth glisten without a dental visit.


Still, the most basic, essential tenet of good oral care remains twice-daily brushing and flossing. Accordingly, many a toothpaste these days offers to combine the prospects of preventing cavities and tooth decay with making teeth noticeably, vibrantly white as they’d be coming straight from a dentist’s office or a whitening procedure.

But really, who comes through the brightest and whitest of them all? We’ve surveyed what’s around and chosen our three most-recommended teeth-whitening toothpastes that also promote overall dental health.


For about as long as the brand has been around, Rembrandt has been among the standards in whitening toothpastes for all-around care. That shows no signs of changing.

Sodium fluoride and Rembrandt’s distinctive formula of gentle abrasive cleaning agents are Rembrandt’s Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of active ingredients. The cavity-fighting fluoride works double-time to both kill germs and bacteria and restore tooth enamel, leading to generally stronger teeth.

Meanwhile, the cleaning ingredients go to town on stains and leave behind a brighten shade of white, all without aggravating lingering canker sores. Rembrandt manages to do all of this with a genuinely refreshing mint flavor that you’ll be a little bit glad to leave lingering a while.


Likewise, Crest is one of the most successful, popular overall brands in home dental care. That didn’t happen overnight.

Crest 3D white doesn’t offer the additional enamel-fortifying protection of Rembrandt, unfortunately. However, it does deliver what it promises: a unique whitening experience. Crest 3D employs a distinctive foaming formula that surrounds and bathes the teeth in the active whitening ingredient. The packaging touts results that take as little as a day to show up. More realistically, give the ingredients up to five days and check out the results after it wipes out up to 90 per cent of your teeth’s surface stains.

Overall, it’s a great toothpaste especially when used in tandem with Crest’s 3D teeth-whitening trays.


Sensodyne arguably has more in common with Rembrandt’s product than Crest’s. The former two are just a little more specialized in practically clinically formulated ingredients for extra protecting and extra-white results.

It helps that Sensodyne specializes in formulating toothpastes for uniquely sensitive teeth. This blend in particular achieves an impressive whitening while preventing erosion. It contains fluoride for all the cavity-preventing power of Rembrandt, but adds ingredients that focus particularly on high-acid food particles that dissolve necessary minerals and soften teeth.


Have your own brand of choice that’s achieved winning, whitening results? By all means, let us know! The more we hear from you, Oasis Dental Milton’s wonderful patients, the more we learn about how our patients are caring for their teeth in between their regular visits….





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