Sedation Dentistry & Asleep Dentistry: Sedation options for Dental Treatment?


For the anxious or nervous dental patient who is getting dental procedures such as fillings, root canals, extractions, dental implants done, there are various sedation options to make the procedure pain and stress free. Sedation occurs in different ways each with its advantages and disadvantages.

What is dental sedation?

Dental sedation is the process of obtaining a calm state using medical sedatives with the aim of carrying dental procedures with ease.

Sedation helps individuals to avoid dental phobia which is the fear of visiting the dentist due to certain notions on pain during dental operations.


What are the methods used in dental sedation?

Sedation methods are determined by the manner in which they are administered to patients. Three standard methods are used during dental procedures as relaxation methods.

a) Nitrous Oxide “Laughing Gas” for

Inhalation of nitrous oxide gas is more of an old means of sedating the dental patient. The nitrous oxide gas is also known as laughing gas was given to patients to inhale, and in return, they would be in a calm state for the dental surgery to begin.

b) Oral sedation

The oral sedation is done by administering sedatives to patients by orally ingesting the medicine. It is a safe and relaxing way that allows patients to undertake procedures with calmness.

c) IV sedation

The intravenous sedation or IV is one of the oldest techniques used to sedate patients during dental surgeries and procedures. It involves a patient having the relaxant medicine injected into the blood stream of the patient through the vein.
It is good to remember that despite you having being administered the sedation methods, dental surgeons use a local anesthetic on the gum to block pain impulses just in case.


What is the use of sedation in dental procedures?

A patient would need sedation for various reasons;

  • If a patient would not want to be aware of the dental procedure taking place, it is advisable to apply the sedation methods.
  • Some patients would be anxious before the dental surgery, to avoid these, sedation would be useful in relaxation.
  • If you have the fear that a dentist would be disturbed by your dental phobia, you would need sedation to help you get the process done easily.
  • Sedation is also essential if you are afraid of needles or medication offered during the procedure.
  • Sedation is aimed at ensuring that you do not feel pain or uneasy taking a dental procedure

There are instances when sedation would not be suitable for you if you have the following characteristics;

  • If you have control and trust issues that may become an issue during the process, it is advisable you talk about alternative methods to your dentist.
  • Some patients have allergies and fears for medication that is used during sedation. It is far more appropriate if you avoid sedation at all costs.

Dentistry practice has come a long way, and more developments are sure to be made to help patients have satisfactory results from dental sedation.

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