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Many kid and adult patientsare not comfortable when getting dental work done. The process of having your teeth worked on can be quite stressful for some people, which is why Dr. Soordhar and Oasis Dental employ various sedation techniques in order to work on their patients. This relaxes the patient, and in combination with freezing, makes the patient calm so we can work safely on the patient in order to correct the problem or complete the procedure.


Here at Oasis Dental, we employ a variety of sedation techniques. We ensure that our dentists have access to various methods of sedation to ensure that they can use the best technique possible for the procedure and the patient. This helps us provide the highest possible levels of patient care.


Conscious Sedation (Laughing Gas – Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation)


The technique of conscious sedation is typically for patients who are nervous while at the dentist. If you’re uncomfortable with being awake and fully aware during a dental procedure, the dentist can help to relax you with a conscious sedation technique.

There are two ways this is administered:

(a) Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

(b)  IV Sedation


Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Asleep DentistryLaughing gas (aka. Nitrous Oxide) is administered by a trained laughing gas dentist can help a patient relax by allowing them to inhale a specified amount of nitrous oxide, which induces feelings of relaxation. There are also oral sedation techniques that are used.  Both oral sedation and nitrous oxide are safe and work very well so Dr. Soordhar can complete your dental work.




IV Sedation (“Asleep Dentistry”)

 IV sedation provides a deeper and more complete sedation effect. This makes it useful for people who have problems with dental procedures. This could be due to anxiety surrounding the dentist, or to a very sensitive gag reflex. If a patient suffers from either of these problems, the IV sedation can be used to help completely relax them so that the procedures can be completed successfully.



 Hopefully, this overview of sedation dentistry helps you understand what your options are when arriving for dental work at Oasis Dental. If you have any questions about the type of sedation being used for your procedure, please bring them up to you dentist. They will be happy to talk to you about the sedation procedures and effects, in order to make you feel as comfort-able as possible.





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