Should you start using dentures?


There are many reasons that can lead to a person losing their teeth, but one thing is for sure: it can affect considerably their self-esteem. After all, everybody loves being able to show their big and bright smile around, no matter what age. Luckily, dentists and prosthodontist have some alternatives that can bring that confidence backwith the use ofdentures.


The use of dentures is more commonly associated with people of age, who have the tendency of losing their teeth over time. Unfortunately, even those who keep up with decent oral hygiene routines may require dentures at some phase in their life.
Dentures are removable false teeth made of either plastic, porcelain or acrylic that are designed to fit the person’s mouth seamlessly. Dentures are shaped by taking an impression of the mouth and are uniquely crafted by a dental professional for the best fit, even changing the shading to match the normal teeth. Depending on each case, the person will have to be fitted with full dentures (fitting all upper and/or lower teeth) or partial dentures(when some of the natural teeth are still in the mouth).
Once they are done, dentures are easy to clean and can last for a long time.

IMPLANTDENTURES (All on 4, All on 6, All on 8)

Dentures can be secured to dental implants so they don’t move around when you speak, eat or talk.


If you use full dentures, it is important to brush the gums, roof of the mouth and tongue twice a day. Partial dentureusers need to brush their natural teeth twice a day either, never forgetting to pay attention to the gums, roof of the mouth and tongue. The dentures should be cleaned just like you would clean your normal teeth, but with the extra step of soaking them in a denture cleaning solution. If there is any trace of plaque or stains, you can make an appointment with your dentist or prosthodontistin Greater TorontoArea to clean them properly and get them to look as new as possible.

Using dentures can solve eating and speaking issues, re-establish self-confidence and improve facial appearance by giving additional support to cheeks and lips. You have to keep in mind, though, that regular visits to a trusted Toronto dental office for check-ups are recommended. As the years pass, the mouth starts to change as the gums and bones shrink. If that is your case, your Torontodentist will come up with a new set of dentures to fit your mouth better, giving you more years with the smile of your dreams.
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