snap-in dentures or fixed bridges

Snap in Dentures, Snap-in Denture (aka. All on 4, All on 6, Implant Overdenture) or Fixed Bridges?


You may have got the best reason to smile again once you start using snap-in denture (aka. All on 4, All on 6, Implant Overdenture). At last, you have been able to avoid all the stress that came with missing teeth. What you don’t know, is that you have to know when to use snap-in denture or fixed dental implant bridges.
First of all, fixed bridges work just like the old dental bridge. It is attached to an implant at each end hence the only difference rather than on the present teeth. The connecting gives it the ability to be solid and it can’t be removed so it blends with your natural teeth where you can clean and floss it, even underneath as directed by your dentist.

Fixed dental implant Bridge


Fixed Dental Implant Bridge used in replacing a full arch of missing teeth becomes advocated where it isn’t advisable for the snap-in denture. The number of implants brings about the difference between the fixed bridge of full arch and the fixed bridge that only replaces a strip of teeth.
Have you ever heard of the terms “All on 4” or “All on 6” or “All on 8”? The words imply names of a fixed full arch implant replacement system. All systems operate the same way though when forces of biting become distributed as well as chewing in multiple implants; few implants can support the full arch of teeth.
Snap-in denture


On the other hand, snap on denture may be either implant supported or retained. Dentures which the implant becomes maintained, it is gum supported whereas snap-in denture supported is more of a hybrid between fixed dental implant bridges and implant retained.
During implant retained, the implants used to stabilize the snap in denture are either mini sized or full sized. Though many patients complain of the denture falling out during speech, laughter or even when eating sticky food, this has led them to use adhesives. Retained implant dentures are the best solution to this problem because it has attachments that enable it to remain secure.
However, with implant supported dentures, the implants are locked together with a metal bar and with biting and chewing forces distributed. The denture becomes backed up by the implants hence allows you to eat tough food and inhibits slippage. The implant supported denture sometimes has palate removed.
Even though snap-in denture becomes misplaced, the best solution for patients dealing with problems of the upper denture caused by gag reflexes and wants to enjoy food’s texture and taste.

Which should I choose?

Keep in mind that the snap in denture and fixed denture implant bridges both helps with denture problems and are enormous upgrading over traditional dentures. Therefore, choosing either of them is based on mostly your budget, goals, desires and needs.
The fixed option even with its numerous benefits ends up being more costly than a snap-in denture. The cost accumulates from some implants necessitated, the meticulousness in planning, and the charge of the dental prosthesis’ production to fit over the implants. The fixed option can last a lifetime with proper care and also removes the stigma associated with wearing of dentures.
Meanwhile, snap in dentures require fewer implants and allows modification of existing dentures hence it is cheaper since you don’t have to buy new prosthesis. Snap-in dentures are also economical because if you want to secure your favorite dentures, you can use snap in dentures. Some patients use it as an interim solution while they save up for fixed Implant Bridge.
The choice then lies between you and your dentist and you will be much comfortable with the snap in dentures or fixed implant than with traditional dentures.
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