snap-in dentures-what are they

Snap in Dentures (All on 4, All on 6, Teeth In A Day): What are they?


They are overdentures that lock onto implants. The snap in dentures thus is advisable to the patients with no teeth.
For the snap in dentures (All on 4, All on 6, Teeth in a Day) to be placed, you should know that the stability of the dentures is affected by the number of implants and also vital is the implants spacing.
NOTE: Fixed bridges aren’t overdentures.
As wonderful as they snap in dentures are, they are also suitable for long-term denture wearing patients. To those who are about to lose all their teeth, snap in dentures are not advised, but if you are already used to dentures, you make up a good candidate.
For other patients with different dental issues considering the snap in dentures which sometimes can work well, you should consider fixed bridge if you:
i. Are about to lose all your teeth.
ii. Are about to lose all the teeth in one arch.
iii. Are used to small natural teeth.
iv. Don’t have acrylic denture covering the roof of your mouth with pink plastic and check areas.
How many implants do you need to have?

Snap-in dentures often use two to four bottom jaw implants and four to eight top jaw implants. For the denture to look and feel natural, as well as stable and secure, used is a very high-end lab similar to natural teeth.
Often patients use cheaply made dentures known as “economy teeth.” Your dentist can reline the dentures and change them to snap in over dentures. You should have in mind that more advanced than replacing a tooth is the surgery.
The surgery is appropriate since, if you missed your teeth for more than three months, you will have bone loss and working to place implants in such areas requires extensive skill and experience. Snap-in dentures are right even for as old as 90-year-old healthy patients.
Age doesn’t matter as long as you are healthy. A younger person of 40 years who isn’t as healthy as a 70-year-old cannot have the implants especially since the implants are neither porcelain nor real-like teeth and they require removing and cleaning under them.

How is a snap in denture fixed?
A male attachment becomes attached on top of the two implants on the lower jaw which locks onto locators which are female attachment embedded in the snap in the denture. The snap in denture doesn’t move around much and inhibits food getting under them when connected to the rock solid implants on the jaw bone.
On the other hand, the upper jaw has four implants screwed by a metallic bar. The four male attachments snap on to the locators on the block’s bottom side.
Keep in mind that the upper jaw bone is less dense than the lower jaw bone hence requires four implants for stability that is long-term.
Snap in Denture advocates for teeth that become firmly set hence gives you more confidence and you can smile more, eat a lot better, clear speech and complements your whole personality. Some patients even feel like they act and look younger!
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