Teen Braces- What They Are All About


If you were to ask teens what they think of braces you will hear conflicting answers. Some teens are very excited about them and cannot wait to get them put on their teeth but other kids are worried and scared about what they will feel like and how they will look. It is important that your kid learns as much as they can about braces before considering having them put on. By doing this you will help your child from being scared or worried and they will be on the way to having straight teeth and a beautiful smile.


Type of Malocclusion (bad bite) Orthodontic problems

  1. Overbite (lower jaw and lower teeth are really behind the upper jaw and upper teeth)




  1. Underbite (lower jaw and lower teeth are infront of the upper jaw and upper teeth)




  1. Deepbite (the lower teeth cannot be seen)



  1. Buck teeth (top teeth are too far forward)





  1. Crossbite (the upper front or back teeth are inside the lower teeth teeth)

Example of a crossbite for a teenager


Example of a crossbite for a child



  1. Openbite (front teeth do not touch)




About Teeth

If your child does not have perfect teeth tell them not to worry. There are many children in the world who have teeth that are not straight. Unfortunately there are many other issues they might have with their teeth other than the teeth being crooked.


Other issues could be that the upper and lower jaws might be of a different size, which can cause: an overbite, underbite, deep bite, crossbite, anterior open bite or posterior crossbite.


Also, oral habits (such as mouth breathing, anterior tongue thrust, lateral tongue thrust, thumb sucking) can a bad bite (malocclusions) such as an overbite, underbite, crossbite, anterior open bite or posterior crossbite.


Dr. Soordhar will provide an orthodontic examination to diagnose and recommend the appropriate orthodontic treatment


Types Of Braces

When someone is told that they need braces most often the first thing they will think about are the metal braces. In today’s world braces are much less noticeable. If you want to pay extra for braces you can find clear braces and clear aligners (Invisalign / Smile Tru), which are not very noticeable at all, and most people will not even know they are on your teeth. There are even braces that go behind your teeth where no one can see them at all.


How Braces Work

When the brackets are placed on the teeth and the wire is tied in, a light constant force is placed on teeth. This light constant force is transferred from the tooth to the tooth ligament (Periodontal Ligament) and bone. The bone reacts and allows the tooth to move.



However, there are some children who have malocclusion (bad bite) and teeth misalignment and require some extra help to be corrected. In these situations it might be necessary to have additional orthopedic appliances (functional jaw orthopedics). .


The length of time that the braces will need to be worn will vary from child to child. The most common length of time is about two years. Once the braces come off it is important that the teeth are taken care of and you follow any special instructions that the Dr. Soordhar and the Dental Hygienist Team at Oasis Dental gives you. For instance some may be required that you wear a retainer. This will help to make sure your teeth do not go back to the position they were in to begin with.



Living With Braces

Just because your child is getting braces it does not mean that the way they are living will need to change. However you will soon learn that the braces will catch foods so you will need to be sure that the child takes extra care of their teeth and brushes and flosses after every meal. Dr. Soordhar and the Oasis Dental Hygienist Team may even give you a list of foods that your child can have and other foods that your child should avoid because they can cause damage to the braces.


There are many children in the world that have braces. For the most part braces are not much trouble but they can be inconvenient. In the end when the braces are removed and the child has a beautiful smile it will be worth it.



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