The Adventure of a First Dental Visit


Some parents have stories about the first dental visit with their child that sound more like a war story than an experience with pediatric (kids) dentistry. You hear about screaming, crying and chaos, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Children need to get used to going to the dentist to ensure quality oral care throughout their childhood. Finding a kid’s dentist that can work with you and help you overcome some of the obstacles that come along with going to the dentist is the best way to avoid the war scene described above.


When to Start Visiting the Dentist

This is a question that parents ask all the time. Essentially, you need to bring your child in from the appearance of the very first tooth, or when they’re around 6 months old. When baby teeth are emerging we want to be sure to keep an eye on their dental and facial development, and teach you and your child about the best way to care for those baby teeth as they come in.

Avoiding Dental Fear

Dr. Anil Rick Soordhar and Dr. Sunil Vick Soordhar have experience in treating the pediatric population and provide dentistry for kids. Also, they understand the need to create a positive, happy atmosphere for your child’s first dental visit.

If everyone helps contribute positive energy to the situation, the child is less likely to become scared or nervous. Here some helpful tips:

  • When your child asks you what will be done at their first dental visit, you can tell them that the dentist will be looking, counting and taking pictures of their baby teeth.
  • A very simple and easy thing to do is practice with your child counting their teeth before coming to their first dental visit.
  • Do not tell your child there will be pain or if you don’t listen then the dentist will give you a needle. This creates dental fear and anxiety.
  • Don’t tell your child “there is nothing to be afraid of”, or “not to worry”, or “it won’t hurt”. This only plants the seed that something bad will happen!


Providing dentistry for kids (pediatric dentistry) does not have to scary. If you can get your child to think of it as a pleasant experience instead of a negative one, it can help make the next several years much easier. Dr. Soordhar strive to provide Milton kids dentistry that is a pleasant and fun experience.




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