The Ins And Outs Of Invisible Braces (Invisalign / Smile Tru)


What Is Invisible Braces (Invisalign / Smile Tru)

One of the most common types of clear braces for teens and adults is known as Invisalign or Smile Tru.  This is a different type of an approach to straightening teeth without the use of metal brackets.  This type of teeth straightening system is custom made for only you.  It consists of custom made aligner trays made to fit your teeth.  The trays are comfortable, smooth to the tough and almost completely invisible braces when being worn over your teeth.



How Clear Braces (Invisalign/ Smile Tru) Works


wearing bracesClear Braces (Invisalign/ Smile Tru) works by wearing the aligner trays over your teeth for a set period of time.  The aligners will slowly and gently move your teeth into the place that they need to be.  Dr. Soordhar will create aorthodontic treatment plan for you.  With traditional braces you would have metal brackets that need to be attached and wires to be tightened.  With clear braces (Invisalign / Smile Tru) you will have a new set of aligner trays that you will change into every two weeks throughout your entire treatment plan.  The trays that you will be wearing will not be able to be seen so no one will notice you wearing them throughout your daily activities and lifestyle.  Therefore unless you tell someone that you are wearing braces more than likely no one will be able to tell.

The Advantages And Benefits Of Clear Braces (Invisalign / Smile Tru)


When you choose to wear clear braces (Invisalign/ Smile Tru) over the traditional metal braces you will find that there are many different advantages and benefits.  You will find that this type of teeth straightening system will do exactly the same thing as other types including helping to correct crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite and underbite.   When you decide to get the metal braces

you will experience some side effects such as pain, discomfort, and even mouth sores.  With clear braces (Invisalign/ Smile Tru) you will not experience any of these.  Another bonus with clear braces (Invisalign/ Smile Tru) is that you will not be restricted on what you can and cannot eat.  There will not be any food sacrifices such as popcorn, corn on the cob, or anything else that needs to be bit into or is chewy.  You will find that there are not many disadvantages to selecting clear braces (Invisalign/ Smile Tru) when comparing them to similar treatments.


How Much Will Clear Braces (Invisalign / Smile Tru) Cost

It is possible that your insurance many cover all or a portion of your Invisalign treatment just like it would if you were paying for a traditional treatment.  You should speak with your clinical team as well as your insurance company to see how much it will cost you out of your pocket.    Your Flexible Spending Account may also be used to be used to help pay for this treatment.  There are flexible and affordable monthly payment plan to help you afford the Invisalign treatment.


Ultimately the decision to select Invisalign as your treatment option is completely up to you.  However you should definitely seek some type of treatment if it is needed.  Any orthodontic issues that are left untreated may lead to more serious problems in the future.



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