understanding bone reduction levelling

Understanding Bone Reduction Leveling as Opposed to Bone Grafting for your Dental Implants








Many of you are familiar with the bone grafting procedure as a necessity before having dental implants. This process takes a long time and has its fair share of risks. What if I can tell you that there is another option that is less expensive and timely?
Well, there is, and the choice is Bone Reduction Leveling. The procedure sometimes referred to as alveoloplasty, involves the leveling of the surface of the jaw to make it optimal for anchoring dental implants.
The jaw is leveled for a thicker, flatter and more uniform effect. One’s jawbone has a somewhat triangular shape; the apex is the skinniest and the base wide. The alveoloplasty procedure will involve taking off the top of the jawbone and leaving a broad base.
A thin top of the jawbone will not allow an average size implant to fit. That’s why a bone leveling procedure aims at providing bone around the head of the implant. It is commonly practiced when replacing teeth in your lower jaw, more so, if all your teeth are missing.

Benefits of Bone Reduction Leveling

I. It is a less expensive procedure as compared to bone grafting. Thus, it is more affordable than undergoing bone grafting
II. The healing time after an alveoloplasty is shorter than the time taken to heal after bone grafting. You would want your dental implants placed sooner rather than later, I bet.
III. The bone shavings from the procedure could proof useful, for use in another area of your mouth that may need grafting
IV. Leveling ensures that all the heads of the implants are on the same plane thus giving your implants a more natural look and feel.
V. It makes primary closure where the stitching of gums is close to each other, easier.
Bone reduction leveling is usually done on the lower jaws. When atrophy sets in, i.e. bone loss, the lower jaws get uniquely affected. The base is not affected by the bone loss as much as the apex of the jaw in the lower jawbone.
This attribute makes the lower jaw the most suitable place for alveoloplasty. If you want to get dental implants placed, you may need to consider having alveoloplasty.
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