cone beam 3d scan

Understanding Cone Beam 3D Scans in Dental Surgery (Implants, Wisdom Teeth), TMD Disorders & Non Extraction Orthodontic Treatment


Surgery has been an ancient art that has been practiced by doctors for centuries. It requires passion as well as vast knowledge in understanding how to perform a successful surgery on any patient. Dental surgeries have not been left behind regarding evolution and to form part of the current trends there are three-dimensional scans used during dental surgeries.


What is a cone beam three-dimensional scan?

A cone beam x-ray scan is a medical apparatus that is used to get finer images of the body by use or x rays that are focused to form the cone shape. The cone beam scan has enabled an increase in the percentage of successful dental surgeries. For the majority population, you might have received efficient oral surgery under a cone beam three-dimensional X-ray scan.


How do cone beam X ray’s scans work?

You have to well trained to be able to handle a new cone beam x-ray scan and use it effectively. The machine works by use of simple physics where first the x- rays are used to take pictures of your dental structure. The x-ray scan can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees and take a picture of a patient’s dentition.

How are cone beam 3 D scans used?

Before a dentist decides that you are to have an x-ray scan there several stages that you would have to go through before you reach the stage for using the X-ray scanning machine.


What process does a patient undergo during x-ray scans?

An x-ray scan is a very delicate procedure that requires one hundred percent accuracy and commitment to get finer results. The following is a simple layout of the process:

  • As a patient, you have an obligation to avoid having any metal items such as earrings and piercings on your head.
  • You as a patient you get allocated unique clothing’s that used during the x- ray scanning process.
  • The cone beam takes three-dimensional images of your dental structure that are used to deduce the oral illness you have and what treatment you would require.

The cone beam x-ray scans are very efficient, and as a patient, you are assured to get very quality dental treatment. The three-dimensional done laser scans have ensured patients are satisfied with the dentist’s work.



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