Understanding how to treat Children Sleep Apnea


The number of parents that are in turmoil and the constant fear of the welfare of their children has seen increasing numbers in the recent past. Snoring and disturbed sleep from the essential reasons for parents to take their kids to hospitals after both conditions categorized as health-related problems. The highest percentage of children lie between two and eight years and have symptoms relating to sleep apnea especially snoring, gasping for air, bedwetting, sleep talking, sleep walking, hyperactivity, poor concentration, and trouble focusing in school.

Specialization has created doctors and surgeons who have vast knowledge on how to handle sleeping disorders that have adverse effects on the overall children’s welfare. According to medical practitioners, there exists a high correlation between sleeping disorders and childhood obesity that arise from improper diets. The best specialists to consult on Sleeping Apnea in children cases should contain Dentist who treat sleep apnea and functional jaw orthopedics, ENT, Pediatric specialist and Sleep Specialist treating sleep disorders.

How do the doctors make a diagnosis?

The primary diagnosis happens when a guardian detects sleeping disorders in the home setting through symptoms such snoring, gasping for air, bedwetting, sleep talking, sleep walking, hyperactivity, poor concentration, and trouble focusing in school. A specialist’s secondary diagnosis will cement the speculations of the parent through the use of sophisticated machines and a hospital observation room called sleep lab. The data collected requires the interpretation of a physician with experience in sleeping disorders of kids.

Surgical Sleep Apnea Treatment options

The treatment options available for the sleeping disorders in children require a lot of input regarding knowledge of the pediatric practice. The steps to follow for the treatment process are as follows;

Pre Treatment
The first stage of recovery involves the examination of a patient through accurate scanning or observation in a sleeping study room. A positive airway pressure therapy application helps to resolve the finer details of the symptoms before surgery.
Depending on the results of the tests, the doctor decides whether to a do a surgery involving the removal of adenoids and tonsils that highly cause the sleeping disorders.
Post Treatment
The patient-child undergoes regular observation over a period of about eight weeks to check the sleeping patterns and allow for the swellings from the surgery to heal completely.

Facial Development (Functional Jaw Orthopedic) Treatment Options

The treatment options available for the sleeping disorders in children using functional jaw orthopedics is:

• 3D Schwarz
• BioBlock
• Facemask
• Bionator

Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatment options

The alternative treatment options are used as alternatives before or after surgery to remove sleeping disorders. Medically approved apparatus aimed at opening the airways, serve the purpose in adolescents who have their facial bones completely mature and hard. An apparatus for treating the obstructive sleeping apnea works to expand the diameter of the thick nasal plate allowing for air passage.

Obesity profoundly leads to the sleeping disorders and encouraging weight management from an early age keeps it at bay. The weight management program ensures that obese and normal weighted children have the correct body to weight ratio. Importantly, the control of a child’s weight should incorporate the monitoring of the diets and nutritional requirements.

Other treatment options involve seasonal medications to keep the illnesses away while parents should join support groups to learn how to care for their children efficiently.

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