Understanding Sleep Apnea


Does your sleeping partner, baby or friend sleep while snoring loudly and in what sounds like a choking or gasping sound? Sleep apnea is a chronic condition where one’s breathing is interrupted when sleeping. It’s a sleeping disorder that affects more men than women.

How does having sleep apnea affect your body, you may ask. When you have this sleeping disorder, your regular sleeping is disrupted with short breathing pauses. Airflow is stopped, and this results in the dropping of the oxygen level in your blood, increase in blood pressure, increase in systemic inflammation and increase in sympathetic tone (fight or flight response).

It happens when the body stops breathing or your brain “forgets” to breathe. When your breathing gets restricted, usually, it will sound like a loud snore before you start inhaling air again. The pauses in breathing could last from a few seconds to even minutes.

When the levels of oxygen drop, the brain will then disrupt your sleeping to jump-start your normal breathing. As an individual, you may not be able to notice this disruption of sleep but they will affect your daily behavior and if untreated, your overall health.

What are the Symptoms of sleep apnea?

As stated earlier, it is difficult for an individual to notice that they have frequent disruptions of sleep. However, it is more likely for their bed partner to observe this, as in a sleep apnea episode, one resumes breathing in a choking or gasping loud noise that may be ignored as only snoring.

It is not a condition that can be diagnosed using a blood test, or during a regular clinical visit as often, it goes undetected.

(a) Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Adults include:
• Headaches
• Feeling sleepy during the day
• Poor concentration
• Having slow reflexes
• Snoring loudly
• Having a dry or a sore throat when you wake up
• Becoming moody
• Snoring loudly

(b) Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Children/Kids include:
• snoring
• grinding teeth
• bedwetting
• sleep talking
• sleep walking
• hyperactivity
• frequent ear infections
• poor sleeper / waking up in the middle of the night
• narrow jaws, crossbite, underbite

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should seek medical assistance. This sleeping disorder may result in serious health problems if it goes untreated.

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