If there’s one thing Oasis Dental Milton’s staff of experienced dental professionals understands, it’s that a toothache is not so much a “problem” as a symptom with many possible culprits. That’s all the more reason we urge our patients to call us to set a diagnostic appointment immediately, rather than waiting upward of six months – if not longer – for their next scheduled cleaning and checkup appointments.


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A simple toothache can even be a sign of pregnancy – yes, really. Sorry for your pain, but at the same time, congratulations. A woman’s teeth can be made several times more sensitive to tooth decay and gum disease by the hormonal changes her body undergoes. Toothaches can also be consequences of the regular vomiting that accompanies severe morning sickness eating away at protective tooth enamel, as well as increased sugar consumption due to regularly craving sweets.


Under some circumstances, we may recommend that patients visit an emergency room. If accompanied by any of these additional seemingly unrelated symptoms, a toothache may be a sign of a coming heart attack:


– Sweating

– Anxiety

– Vomiting

– Shortness of breath

– Upper body pain

– Stomach discomfort


Contrary to some beliefs, a toothache cannot cause an ear infection. We tend to be much more concerned about the opposite proposition.


Like many infections, what troubles a patient’s ear can spread. Undiagnosed ear infections can eventually radiate their pain down to the teeth and jaws. It’s a treatable flare-up, thanks to antibiotics, but it generally only takes an ear infection six weeks or so to run its course even with no medical attention at all.


Sometimes, the greater danger lies in underestimating a toothache. To be clear, the pain rarely ever goes away independently. Credit that in no small part to a toothache often being the latest manifestation of a problem or problems that have been brewing for some time. Try to think of it this way: if you’re shot in the chest and apply a bandage instantly, does stopping the bleeding mean you’ve fixed any organs or major blood vessels the bullet might have severely damaged?


Your toothache may be latest punctuation on issues ranging from cavities and damaged tooth enamel to an abscess or cardiovascular issues. Prolonging treatment typically only turns what could have been quickly treatable problems into more complex, severe and especially expensive ones. What’s worse, the home remedies many people turn to ordinarily provide, at best, a few minutes of relief and some minor disinfection while sometimes creating risks of poisoning and further infection.

Your toothache may be “nothing”, but more likely, it’s the harbinger of a bigger “something”. At the very least, call Oasis Dental Milton for our recommendations for safely coping with the pain until you can make it in for a diagnostic appointment. If worse should come to worse, we urge you to see an urgent care clinic if a dentist’s consultation isn’t an immediate option.



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