dental extraction defects

What are dental extraction defects and what causes them?


Tooth extraction has a life-long practice for dentist that has been available for ages and has changed with time and knowledge. The dental extraction defect occurs after a tooth has been removed due to the atrophy (shrinkage) of bone. There can be bone defects that occur horizontally (width), vertically (height) or a combination.


What causes extraction of the tooth?

There are several factors that lead to tooth extractions, most of them are diseases that attack the tooth, gum or surrounding bone structure. The following are some of the factors that lead to tooth extraction that precedes the extraction defects:

  • The extreme decay of tooth/teeth.
    The decay of teeth can also be known as dental caries or cavities. The severe decay of teeth occurs when the teeth/tooth in a patient’s mouth get attacked by bacteria that are generally of black or yellow color, and the rate of tooth loss is high. You have an extreme case of decay when your whole tooth structure is attacked, and the hard tissue of the tooth gets destroyed, and your tooth/teeth will need extraction.

  • Gum disease causing bone loss
    The diseases that attack the gun commonly known as periodontal gum diseases can also lead to tooth/teeth extraction. The diseases do not attack the tooth/teeth, but they attack the gums surrounding the teeth. The gums are the supporting tissue that holds the nerves and the bone structure that keep the teeth in place and once attacked; you may require a dental extraction.

  • Infections causing bone loss
    Infections on the dental extraction site occur because a patient does not take responsibility for ensuring high standards of hygiene after the extraction process. Bacteria in the food will cause the infections that would attack the area where the teeth initially lay. These diseases are characterized by pain though dentists can administer medication to prevent further damage on the dental extraction site.


  • Trauma
    Trauma to the face from a fall, car accident or playing sports can cause tooth loss and bone loss.
    The loss of a tooth causing a bone defect can be treated using advance bone grafting and membrane techniques to rebuild the bone back.
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