What are the Causes of Bruxism?


Grinding of teeth is a habit that is common among children under 11 years of age that may at times be disregarded as normal behavior. It is a new field of dentistry. Most bruxism cases have been witnessed among children who:

1) Upper airway obstruction
Bruxism is considered a sleep-related breathing disorder. There is a theory that suggests a correlation between upper airway obstruction and sleep bruxism. It is where the tissues at the back of the mouth and the tongue fall backward and thus block the airways.

It is a condition, common, among children who sleep on their backs. As the children move their jaw forward to open the airway, it may stimulate airway receptors to increase its muscle tone, which may lead to bruxism.

2) Have misaligned teeth
Teeth that are misaligned or overcrowded may result in the interference of between teeth of the upper and lower jaw. It may trigger bruxism in kids.

3) Hyperactivity: Some of the hyperactive kids have bruxism.

Below are some of the indicators that your child may have bruxism:
• Headaches and/or migraines
• Worn teeth
• Increased sensitivity of the teeth
• Tender jaws
• Snoring

If you notice any of the above signs, you should consider visiting a dentist who treats sleep apnea and functional jaw orthopedics.

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