ct scans in implants

What is the application of CT scans in dental implants?


Repetitive habits of people like you and me all revolve around eating food regardless of whether it will harm our teeth or not. There are more than a million advertisements that can relay to you over and over in a year. Still, the cases of dental ailments and loss of teeth continue to grow daily even after significant mechanical developments such as dental CT scans and implants.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an anchor made of titanium metal that is used to fuse a crown into the bone structure. The dental implant is meant to merge naturally into the bone structure of a patient without causing any discomfort to the dentition and at the same time hold the artificial crown of the teeth. You would require a great skilled dentist to perform the procedure on you.

What brings about the use of dental implants?

Both natural/original, professional or artificial causes may necessitate the utilization of a dental implant. In an original case, you would have lost your teeth during an accident that cause a lot of damage to your dental layout especially the bone structure.

What is the procedure of getting a dental implant?

There are three simplified necessary steps in getting a dental implant, and CT scans play a significant role in determining whether to use the dental implant or not.
Step 1– The dentist gives you a general check that entails your health status and has a glimpse of your dental problem and determines if it would need handling immediately or more observations are essential.
Step 2– The dentist recommends that you require a dental CT scan and decides if you are fit to have the procedure. You have to be healthy to undergo the proceedings.
Step 3 – The dentist does the CT scan on your dental structure and determines that you would need dental implants in the case of teeth loss.

How are CT scans used with regards to dental implants?

What the application of CT scans on dental implants is in two stages during the use of dental implants. The two steps are as follows;
a) In the first case, CT scans application when identifying the cause of a dental ailment. The scans can reveal the extent of the teeth damage and bone loss, and if it is indeed severe, there is the need for the dental implants.
b) After determining that the dental implants are required, the CT scans are used to show the dentist the level of damage and an overview of the procedure of placing the dental implant.



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