What Next After Getting Your Dental Implants?


The functionality and attractiveness of dental implants cannot be matched with other teeth replacement options. They have a high and long-term success rate over the other options. However, you need to care for your implants as you would your normal teeth.



Sore Gums Around Your Dental Implant
If you are experiencing sore gums around your implant, this may be a sign of serious complications. You need to visit a dental specialist for a check-up. It is common for food particles to collect around teeth and implants.
The shape and position of your tooth, about another, plays a significant role in this. Teeth that are without the normal tight contact relationship allow for stagnation and collecting of particles around them.
Sharp particles act like razors, severing the attachment which leads to inflammation of the gums. Once the gums become inflamed, and the food particles keep collecting between the soft gum tissue and teeth, it results in the infection of the tissues.
How To Clean Your Dental Implants
For the success of your dental implant procedure, follow the outline measure for maintenance and care for your implants

  • Just as you would your regular teeth, once fitted with dental implants, you will need to brush and floss your teeth regularly. It should be done at least twice each day.
  • As you clean the area around your implant, use minimal force to avoid further irritating the gum tissue
  • Regularly inspect your implants in a mirror. If there are particles stuck in between that you can quickly remove; do so. If not, book an appointment with your implant dentist.

Why are My Gums Black around My Dental Implants?
Sometimes after going through dental implant surgery, one may notice the gums around the implants have turned darker or grayer. This is common especially if:
I. You have thin and transparent gum tissue. They will allow the metal color of the dental implant to show through.
II. If you have tissue recession together with bone loss in the implant area
III. Your implants were placed close to the gum tissue level
If this is a minor issue, there are corrective measures that your dentist can adopt. They include:

  • Masking the metal show using ceramic abutments and crowns
  • Undergoing a soft tissue/bone grafting procedure
  • The new zirconium heads can be utilized in place of titanium ones. They have the color of the tooth.

You need to consult with your dentist on the way forward. If they are unable to rectify the issue, then perhaps a fresh set of eyes would help. At Oasis Dental and Dental Implant Specialist Team we offer free consultations, you can reach out to us at our contacts.
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