why is dental implant surgery for me

Why is Dental Implant Surgery For Me?


When you have missing or severely damaged teeth, often the thing that you want most is a return to the days when you had whole and healthy teeth. In a nutshell, the reason that dental implants are an option worth considering is because they provide you with that exact option. A traditional, removable denture is simply a replacement to help you achieve some semblance of your old dental function. With a full dental implant procedure, restoring teeth just like your originals becomes a reality.




One of the great things about dental implants is that they help support the teeth that you’ve got left in your mouth. When you’re missing teeth, extra stress and wear takes place. However, with implants in place your dental structure starts to act like a whole again, helping preserve the teeth and bone you’ve got left.


What About Dental Implant Vs. Bridge?


A conventional bridge procedure involves actually causing damage to the teeth around the bridge in order to provide an anchor for the bridge.

(Example of a bridge by done Dr. Soordhar at Oasis Dental)


With implants, the procedure is different and your remaining teeth can be kept intact.

(Example of a Implant tooth by Dr. Soordhar at Oasis Dental)





3 More Reasons to Get Teeth Implants

  • Dental implants can actually last for the rest of your life if you receive a high quality dental implant procedure and care for your teeth properly.
  • You will be able to speak better and more clearly. Teeth and gums are an important part of the overall vocal structure, and if you get implants, you will be able to speak as easily as you could before you lost a tooth.
  • No embarrassing denture issues. With regular dentures, teeth can slip or fall out of place, not to mention the fact that you have to take them out of your mouth at night. Dental implants remove this fear.


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