Some roots of natural upper teeth extend behind the cheeks and on top of the upper teeth, into the maxillary sinuses. Removing these teeth causes the maxillary sinus to enlarge (maxillary sinus pneumatisation) and it leaves just a thin wall of bone separating the maxillary sinus and mouth – not enough bone support is left to hold the dental implants in place.

The videos below demonstrates a “sinus graft”, or “sinus lift graft”. This solution securing dental implants involves entering the sinus formerly occupied by the upper teeth to lift the sinus membrane upward and insert donor bone on the sinus floor in the upper jaw’s roof. The bone becomes part of the patients jaw after several months, healed enough to support stabilizing dental implants.

There are 2 types of sinus lift procedures that can be done depending on how much residual bone remains.

    • Indirect Sinus Lift (Summer’s Technique) can be completed when there is more than 7 mm of residual bone height present

    • Lateral Window Sinus Lift is completed when there is less than 6 mm of residual bone height present

This procedure makes receiving dental implants a reality for patients who, years ago, couldn’t have support them and would’ve had no option except removable, loose dentures.

We may instead recommend sinus augmentations to patients with enough stabilizing bone between the upper jaw ridge and bottom of the sinus to support implant placement. Where there is not enough bone, we may perform an augmentation first, then allow the graft to mature for 4 to 8 months before placing implants, depending upon the volume of graft material used.


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