Oasis Dental Provides Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Oasis Dental in Milton, Ontario is proud to offer wisdom teeth removal for its patients. If you’re suffering from wisdom teeth symptoms, contact the team at Oasis Dental to get examined as soon as possible. Dr. Soordhar will evaluate your particular situation and recommend a course of treatment based on your particular condition of your wisdom teeth.


Wisdom teeth do not need to be removed if they fit comfortably in the mouth without affecting other areas of your oral health. However, this is not what happens in most cases. By examining you in person and by taking x-rays of your wisdom teeth, the dentists at Oasis Dental can determine whether tooth extraction is the best option for your wisdom teeth.


One of the biggest risks of leaving wisdom teeth unattended is that of impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow out of the gum in proper alignment; instead, they push into other teeth, grow at incorrect angles, or remain submerged, and cause problems in the teeth, bone and jaw. This is why impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed.


Wisdom teeth removal can be done safely, and with the help of the right sedation, very painlessly. If it is determined that wisdom teeth removal is the best course of action for a particular patient, the oral surgery procedure to remove them will proceed. Then, the team will help educate you on your oral care to help with the healing process.


Tooth extraction healing takes care and attention, but the team at Oasis Dental educates each and every patient so they know exactly how to care for their mouths after having a wisdom tooth removed. Patients are sent home with the medications, instructions and supplies that they need to care for their mouth. If any problems persist, the team at Oasis Dental is always ready to help.


For more information about tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal, contact the team at Oasis Dental. The highly skilled dental team will be happy to help you evaluate your oral health, and the health of your wisdom teeth at any time. For more information, call 905-876-2747, email oasisdentalmilton@gmail.com , or visit www.oasisdentalmilton.com for more information.



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