DENTURES - COMPLETE OR PARTIAL?A denture (complete or partial) is an appliance that is inserted in the mouth, replaces natural teeth and provides support for the cheeks and lips. 


COMPLETE DENTURES are fabricated from plastic, porcelain or the two materials combined to fit over endodontically treated teeth and, when necessary for a more secure fit, existing dental appliances and implants.


Before fabrication, we must extract all existing teeth and allow the gums to heal. IMMEDIATE DENTURES are fabricated and inserted immediately after extracting natural teeth, allowing gum tissue to heal effectively beneath. A gentle, sturdy and usually flesh-colored acrylic covering the palate adheres the UPPER DENTURE in place above a horseshoe-shaped LOWER DENTURE that leaves room for the tongue’s natural, comfortable fit.

Dentures eventually require either relining or replacement to maintain a normal jaw alignment as they wear down over time. Regular dental examinations remain important to monitor the alignment’s slow change throughout the natural shrinking and receding of the bone and gum ridges after extracting the original teeth. This is the optimal time to diagnose and address oral tissue issues, changes and even developing diseases early enough to avert serious damage.



Removable artificial appliances called PARTIAL DENTURES replace one or several missing teeth by attaching to surrounding teeth with small metal clasps. The artificial gums are fashioned from acrylic and attach to acrylic or metal bases that support either porcelain or acrylic teeth.


Dr. Smith will custom-design your removable partial dentures to best fit both your needs and the structure of your mouth comfortably and inconspicuously. Fabricating the most effective partial dentures possible will begin with a thorough examination to determine if other issues with surrounding soft tissue and teeth require immediate attention. In the interest of promoting the health of your remaining teeth and their surrounding tissue, we will also go over proper regular removal and cleaning.

In the end, your partial dentures will provide a host of long-term benefits:

    • PROTECTION FOR SURROUNDING ORAL TISSUE – These appliances can prevent neighbouring teeth from drifting into the gap left between them. That errant growth can give rise to new spaces in which food particles can embed to grow bacteria that lead to gum disease.
    • COMFORT – Partial dentures can eliminate the discomfort that tooth-loss can add to normal chewing, eating and speech.
    • CONFIDENCE – Lost teeth can create a lingering awkwardness about appearances. We can restore your confidence in your natural, vibrant smile.


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