Testimonial – Sleep Apnea Children

I would like to thank Dr. Soordhar and Oasis dental for helping my 2 year old breath again.

Over a year ago my son got a cold, which was normal, but after a few months of him being constantly stuffed up, I decided to take him to see our doctor. All I got from that visit was that he might have allergies and that we had to wait until he’s over 2 before we can test him. Spring rolled around and he still never recovered from his cold and we were in and out of the doctor’s office with other symptoms as well; constant stuffiness, coughs, ear infections, and not being able to sleep because he wasn’t able to breath properly. I took him again to my doctor and she said it was definitely an allergy. Summer came and still nothing had changed. I had asked for an ENT specialist referral but I was brushed off.

It was time for my son’ s dental check-up and it was during that appointment that Dr. Soordhar discovered that his tonsils were extremely enlarged. He recommended that we see an ENT specialist right away. After the ENT consultation, it was recommended that my son’s tonsils and adenoids be removed because they were severely enlarged. Finally the surgery was scheduled for Nov 10th, 2011.

It was hard on me as a parent to see my son go through the surgery but finally after 2 weeks of recovery he made a complete 180 degree turn. I didn’t sleep for 2 weeks after his recovery only because he was breathing so quitely that I couldn’t hear him through the monitor. Since his surgery in November 2011, his health has been better and got only one cold that lasted about 2 days.

As hard as it was for him and I to go through it, I will do it all over again in a flash. The procedure has made a world of a difference for us and it was all thanks to Dr. Soordhar and recommending and ENT consultation.


Anna R.

Cambridge, Ontario


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