Testimonial for TMJ AND Headache Pain Treatment

Dr. Rick helped me at a time when I was in severe pain. He quickly, yet thoroughly, assessed my situation and was able to provide me with relief right away. Now, sleeping with a dental appliance, I have had little neck or jaw pain for several months. This is a huge relief after having pain almost weekly before. I would highly recommend Dr. Rick.

Laura W, Milton, ON, July 2014

I started getting migraines in my mid 20’s (I am 37 years old now). I could not function when I got a migraine – could not go to work, was not happy, seeing white lines, feeling tired all the time and wanting to sleep, feeling nauseated and was vomiting, poor concentration, very moody and irritable.

I started seeing my family doctor when my migraines started (mid 20’s) and he started prescribing me different pain killers and migraine medication but it did not work. I had on 3 different times very severe migraines that I had to be hospitalized. They had to give me morphine injections to help ease the migraine but it came back the following day with the same intensity. The morphine only masked the problem for 24 hours and it came back full blown.

I went back to my family doctor who then refered me to a neurologist. Over 1 year, the neuorologist placed me on different migraine medication but I had no relief. I went back to the neurologist so he increased my medication dosage but it still didn’t work.

After getting no relief for my migraines under the neurologist care, I saw a chiropractor for 1 year but I didn’t not get relief for my migraine.

I was now in my early 30’s after seeing all these health care professions. After this point I gave up and went back to my family doctor. He then recommended pain killers, antidepressants and birth control but none of them worked. I was having mood disturbances, being tired, poor concentration, unable to function, missing work, and still getting migraines. I started taking the pain killers very freqeuntly which made my husband concerned. I was only masking the problem. I wanted to get relief and results without drugs. I also wanted to start a family and have children.

My husband met Dr. Soordhar and spoke to him about my situation. He spoke to us about the connection with the TMJ joint and migraines, neck pain and headaches. After he completed a thorough evaluation and imaging, he found that I had TMJ disorder that was causing my migraines, neck pain and headaches.

I started treatment in March 2013 (age 37) and within one month of starting treatment, my migraines stopped, no more white lines, sleeping better, more energy, going back to gym, not irratable anymore, I feel happy, and able to focus. I no longer needed to take any pain killers or anti-depressants. I do not need to take naps during my lunch break at work because now I can utilize my lunch time to go to the gym as my energy levels are high.

I was going down hill prior to meeting Dr. Soordhar.

I thought I would have to live my entire life suffering.

You saved my life .

Thank you so much Doctor.

Antoinette M, Age 37, Milton, ON, November 2013

Before I arrived at Oasis Dental, I was suffering from moderate headaches and severe jaw pain on a daily basis. I routinely took four extra strength Advil’s a day and, after visiting my orthodontist and two oral and maxillo-facial surgeons with no success, believed that I was going to live the rest of my life in pain. A fortunate meeting with Dr. Vick changed everything.

At my first appointment, Dr. Vick asked me numerous questions regarding my pain, examined several pain points around my jaw, head, shoulders and lower back, and explained several treatment options available. To alleviate my immediate pain, Dr. Vick applied acupuncture needles to various points and made an oral appliance for my lower jaw. Now, just five weeks later, I have noticed a marked decrease in the frequency and severity of my headaches and jaw pain (from every day pain to maybe one pain episode per week) and I can focus better at work and in my daily life- even my workouts are improved. Overall, I would confidently say that my pain has decreased 80%. In terms of finding a longer term solution to my pain, Dr. Vick worked hard to present me with a plan which took into account the fact that I will spending half of the year overseas at school- I will keep you updated with my progress :)

I have been to numerous specialists, all of whom practice at highly reputable offices and hospitals in the Toronto area, and none have come close to the level of care I currently receive from Dr. Vick. Instead of turning me away, Dr. Vick welcomed me and has provided me with a plan I believe in. I see my future in a completely different light and I have Dr. Vick to thank for that.

Samantha, Toronto, ON, Age 26, August 2012

After being to countless doctor, chiropractic, and massage therapy appointments. 3 years later I was tired of just covering up the problem and debilitating headaches, with my weekly chiropractic adjustment and daily dosage of a strong prescription anti-inflammatory medication. At the age of 20 and an otherwise healthy young lady, as mentally and physically fatigued as my body was from chronic pain, sports injuries and broken bones, I could not sleep at night for more than 3 hours before I was awake again. Frustrated and exhausted after a little more in depth research, I was lead to the wonderful people at OASIS Dental Clinic in Milton. I was interested to see that they specialize in TMJ disorders, headaches and pain management. Even though, I had much doubt going into OASIS that they would really be able to help my headaches that much. I ended up pleasantly surprised after as little as 2 weeks with my new drug-free treatment. Now months later, I am still amazed and more than happy with my continuous results and sound sleep that I am so thankful to get every night. Thank you OASIS!


Stephanie H, Age 20, Milton, ON, April 2012

I’ve had body aches, headaches and severe migraine since I was 14 years old (I am currently 35 years old). I would have headaches 3 to 4 times per week. My medical doctor had referred me to see so many different specialists and I was even diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was told to do yoga to help reduce the aches and pains.

About 2 years ago, the pain became very severe, especially my migraines and shoulder aches. After full body x-rays and CT scan coming back all normal, I was getting frustrated to find out what was wrong with me. My doctor prescribed a very expensive painkiller medication since Advil or Tylenol wouldn’t work. I also started vomiting and because the migraines were so severe it kept me in bed for the whole day.

Only when I met Dr. Soordhar did I realize that he was my answer for my 20 years of pain.

The TMJ and headache treatment Dr. Soordhar recommended involved acupuncture and a specially designed mouth guard. I was hesitant to do the treatment but because he explained the treatment to me very clearly and I was convince that he could help me.

After 1 treatment session in January 2011, I have not had any migraines or body aches since then.

Thank you so much, Dr. Soordhar.

I’ve had body aches, headaches and severe migraine since I was 14 years old (I am currently 35 years old). I would have headaches 3 to 4 times per week. My medical doctor had referred me to see so many different specialists and I was even diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was told to do yoga to help reduce the aches and pains.

About 2 years ago, the pain became very severe, especially my migraines and shoulder aches. After full body x-rays and CT scan coming back all normal, I was getting frustrated to find out what was wrong with me. My doctor prescribed a very expensive painkiller medication since Advil or Tylenol wouldn’t work. I also started vomiting and because the migraines were so severe it kept me in bed for the whole day.

Only when I met Dr. Soordhar did I realize that he was my answer for my 20 years of pain.

The TMJ and headache treatment Dr. Soordhar recommended involved acupuncture and a specially designed mouth guard. I was hesitant to do the treatment but because he explained the treatment to me very clearly and I was convince that he could help me.

After 1 treatment session in January 2011, I have not had any migraines or body aches since then.

Thank you so much, Dr. Soordhar.

Cynthia G., Age 35, Mississauga, ON July 2011

My whole conception of what a dentist could be changed when I started going to Dr. Soordhar. Before I met him, I was used to a dentist who treated me as a tooth, did not take the time to address my concerns, and I always felt rushed. I came to Dr. Soordhar because I had ongoing pain in my jaw for a year, but my previous dentist did not see anything wrong. Dr. Soordhar took the time to listen to go over all my concerns and made me feel very comfortable. We worked on a course of TMJ and Facial Pain Treatment to virtually eliminate my problems. I am very appreciative of his knowledge and non-aggressive approach to dentistry.

Aside from his TMJ and Facial Pain Treatment, Dr. Rick is also a wonderful dentist who makes you feel comfortable with routine dental procedures.

Dr. Rick really gave me hope for a life free of pain, when I felt like I had nowhere to turn.

Gwendolyn N, Toronto, ON, June 2011

To Dr. Rick,

I had very bad migraines and headaches. I felt very stressed out and worried about every little thing. I couldn’t sleep at night, I was waking up in the middle of the night stressed out and with a migraine. I went to see my family doctor and he prescribed some medications for my migraines and stress for 2 years. I still had headaches 3 times per week and they got so bad I had to lie down in a dark room away from everybody even on the medications. The medications numbed me and didn’t really help with the root of the problem – the headaches were still there.

I was than referred to Dr. Rick by my husband. Dr. Rick helped me so much and no medication was required – drug free treatment. I had one session with Dr. Rick and the treatment helped me a lot and I feel great. I am very happy and relieved that my migraines no longer exist. I feel happier, stress free, sleep through the night and alert first thing in the morning. I didn’t think I could feel this way, however thanks to Dr, Rick I feel like a new person.

Toni A., Hamilton, ON, December 2010

Sleepless nights, migraines, chronic pain, exhaustion, nausea, dizziness. I was suffering for over 10 years with these symptoms. Can you imagine feeling like this every day? I went to specialists after specialists who either prescribed me drugs or told me that it was just stress. These symptoms were getting worse and worse over the years. I was so miserable and so unhappy with my condition that I was starting to feel depressed.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Rick and it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Dr. Rick explained everything step by step, answered all my questions and made me feel hopeful, not confused and frustrated.

Only after 1 session I was feeling so much better! After 4 sessions I felt good as new! I truly thought that it would take me months to feel better. And it’s drug free! I can now sleep through the night without waking up, migraine pain is gone and I feel well rested all day. I haven’t felt this good in such a long time. I strongly recommend anyone who is suffering to make an appointment to see Dr. Rick, you have nothing to lose, only to gain your life back.

Shannon P., December 2010, Brampton, ON

My name is Dr. Ron Ginsberg and I wish to thank my colleague Dr Rick Soordhar for his timely and effective treatment of my neck, hand and back problems.

For many years I was suffering from osteoarthritis and pain in my hands which was increasingly interfering with my work as a dentist. Early this year I started to get significant pain in my neck and upper back as well as numbness in both hands. This was caused by spinal stenosis in my cervical spine where the vertebrae shift and dig into the spinal cord. Besides the obvious detriment to my work of having this condition I also had walking and coordination difficulties.

I first learned of Dr Soordhar’s training and treatment modalities from a respected dental specialist who has used Rick’s treatments for some of his patients with similar problems as mine. Since the only options open to me would require spinal surgery and a prolonged recovery and no guarantee that the pain would vanish. I decided to give Rick a try – his treatments are non surgical in nature but based on real clinical science using techniques of acupuncture, electrical nerve and muscle stimulation, spinal alignment, nutrition, orthotic mouth therapy, and exercise (I’m sure I’ve missed a few others in his “bag of goodies”).

Rick was quite concerned to get me back on my feet as soon as possible so I could get back to work. After a detailed examination we decided on a course of action. We entered into a set of intense and time consuming treatments at first to help with the most serious symptoms then expanded the treatments with shorter but more spread out appointments as my pain and walking problems declined. Eventually I was able to resume somewhat of a normal life again with the pain and disabilities under control and bearable.

I know that Rick has traveled far and wide, spending many days, even months, in his training and learning related to these effective treatments of muscle, skeletal and nerve disorders especially as they relate to the head and neck and jaws.

This makes Rick a better dentist as he can help with a wider variety of problems that his dental patients have and he can give them relief without drugs.

Thanks for everything.

Dr. Ron Ginsberg, November 2010, Toronto, ON

I thought my painful migraines and neck/shoulder pains was something that I would have to live with and put up with for the rest of my life. After speaking to a friend, I was referred to Dr. Soordhar. After suffering from painful migraines 4-5 times a week for 3 years, which at its worst each would last 8-10 hours. I was willing to try anything. After the first session, the pain in my neck/shoulder and the intensity of the migraine decreased 60%.

I completed 3 sessions over 1 year ago with Dr. Soordhar in July 2010 and now I have been pain-free and migraine free. Dr. Soordhar helped me identify triggers, which has helped me catch the pain and stop it dead in its tracks.

Thank you

Shika P., November 2011, Woodbridge, ON

Hi Dr. Soordhar

It was nice seeing you today. I felt so much better after completing my TMJ treatment, plus having the TMJ Mouth Orthotic lets me sleep well. It is incredible science. It is highly recommended and thank you so much.

Yours Truly,

Felicisima R., Age 45, November 2010, Toronto, ON

Dear Dr. Rick Soordhar and to whom ever this may concern,

All in all, I would like to thank you for taking the time and working with my TMJ jaw problem. From the ages of 5 and on, I was constantly going through headaches, nausea and jaw pain which was seen as unexplainable. Through my dentist visits, I was made aware that I had an overbite and that many different procedures could be used to fix the issue at hand. As far back as I can remember, I have had a clicking jaw. At times even trying to simply eat a meal would be considered as excruciating pain. I never for one moment believed that this was considered “out of the ordinary” or could ever be changed.

This summer, I was made aware by Dr. Soordhar that this TMJ jaw might actually be the cause of my severe headaches and many other muscle inflammation problems. I had gone through a car accident and the pain from that would always come back and affect my everyday activities. When going through the consultation process with Dr. Rick, I began to understand the anatomy of my TMJ situation and slowly began to understand that my muscles and nerves were all sending messages to the wrong places in my body. I had nothing to gain or lose from beginning this treatment so this is where it all began.

First treatment day, I was nervous out of my mind because I’ve heard of acupuncture and was afraid of getting needles. Dr. Rick assured me that I did not have to undergo any type of medical treatment that I did not wish to partake in. After the first day of treatment, I responded very quickly. It was amazing to feel that great after, let’s just say my entire life.

Second treatment day I came back in and some muscle problems had come back; however, it was nothing that could not be fixed. This day I was taught exercises and made aware that I was going to have an mouth orthotic. At the end, I felt as good as new.

By the third treatment day, Dr. Rick and I were made aware that the muscle inflammations in certain areas of my body were persistent and would never go away unless we used injections. As relaxed as they could be, those neck and shoulder muscles are the muscles we used the most in our body and that is why every treatment, we would need to work the most on those. This is the day when I was introduced to the muscle injections. Now, take into consideration, I am a person that despises needles and giving blood. Although at first the process was painful, it was absolutely 100% worth it. When your shoulder muscles are tense, your body immediately reacts by bunching your shoulders up higher, and if that is done so on a constant basis, you are just causing tension in that area and it will never get relaxed and eventually there will be knots. Through this injection process, I actually felt my muscles twitch and relax. Although day one, after the process is uncomfortable and you may be numb, if I had the choice to go back and redo this process, I would commence without any hesitation.

I never believed that such an unbelievable “painless” procedure would be set in place for an issue such as TMJ jaw. After all of this, I have no more headaches on a constant basis, lower back pain is gone, jaw pain lessening due to the mouth orthotic, clearer vision and I just feel like a rubber doll that could move in any which direction I wish to without feeling the slightest bit of pain.

No medical procedure is exciting and without the proper support you will be afraid to continue; however not in this case. Dr. Rick and his staff are absolutely amazing and they treat you as if you are family to them. I could have never asked for a better team to help me through this new process and I am thankful we started this in the summer so that now, I can be as good as new for when school begins.

Thank you SO much,

Puloma Das, Toronto, ON, Age 20. August 2010

As an adult, I suffered from severe migraine headaches at least once a week. These headaches started approximately around the age of 10. I tried various treatments, ranging from herbal teas, compresses, over the counter medication, and doctor’s prescriptions. All of the above provided only temporary relief.

In 2009, Dr. Soordhar completed ONE treatment on me for my migraine headaches. The relief was immediate. To my pleasant surprise, my weekly headaches are gone now almost 1.5 years later. If you are a headache sufferer, I highly recommend Dr. Soordhar head and neck pain tharapy. Thanks Dr. Soordhar.

Michelle R., Toronto, ON, Age 46. August 2010

I was suffering from intermittent jaw pain for many years. I brought this to the attention of my doctor, who advised that it is caused by stress and to take ibuprofen. As well, I had been experiencing neck, shoulder and back pain for two years, and visiting the chiropractor at least once every 2 weeks. The chiropractic treatments had improved things but I was still living with pain and it was necessary to have frequent adjustments.

One day I was at the dental office with my mouth open, and the pain was radiating throughout my jaw into my neck and shoulder. It was recommended that I see Dr. Rick, in the same office, who treats TMJ disorders and headaches. Dr. Rick diagnosed me with TMJ Disorder and recommended a series of treatments, as well as a dental appliance.

Before I began the treatments, I was in a car accident, where my car was hit from behind. I had whiplash and a concussion, which exacerbated my neck and shoulder pain. Because I don’t like to take too many pain killers, I suffered through the pain, which affected my mood and energy levels as well.

Dr. Rick treated my jaw, neck and shoulders with several innovative drug-free techniques, over 4 visits. At the end of the visits, my pain decreased by 90%. My energy level has increased, and I have even started going to the gym. Before, I was held back by the daily pain that made me just sit and suffer. Now that my pain is almost gone, I am free to focus on other areas of my life and improve my health and happines.

Michelle C., Toronto, ON. Age 37. May 2010

I am a 30 year-old teacher, who has suffered from debilitating headaches the majority of my life. I can remember way back in high school, coming home, covering my eyes and locking myself in my room and just waiting for the pain to go away while taking pill after pill, which never really worked. I have seen MANY different practitioners from my family doctor, to different dentist, to massage therapist’s and chiropractors. I would sometimes get temporary relief and then the pain would begin again. Finally, I was told I would need surgery and braces on my jaw. I was so sick and tired of the pain; I was ready to go ahead with what was recommended. The day before my surgery consultation, I received a call from one of my practitioners to go and see Dr. Soordhar. They were adamant that I just go speak to him before I go under the knife. I was incredibly sceptical; after all, I have lived with this chronic pain for 15 years. I was tired and wanted relief, even if it meant surgery.

Upon meeting Dr. Soordhar, he could identify with my pain and could even replicate where it was coming from. He understood my symptoms and how I felt. He suggested a non-surgical option to stabilize my bite and headaches. Yes, I was still sceptical, although even after the first treatment, my headaches were cut in half! Dr. Soordhar used a variety of different techniques during our treatments and no two sessions were ever the same. After about 4 sessions, my headaches were cured! Dr. Soordhar explained that the jaw and mouth are a very integral part of the whole body. My digestion even improved as my pain went away!

Dr. Soordhar has truly changed my life. The only unfortunate thing about my situation is that I wish I met Dr. Soordhar even sooner! I can’t believe after all these years and all these different doctors and therapists Dr. Soordhar has cured me! He is truly passionate and dedicated to what he does. I am living pain free and owe it all to Dr. Soordhar.

I have my life back!

Michelle P., Woodbridge, ON, Age 31. April 2010

Since the age of 15 I have been suffering from many health problems such as chronic severe headaches, neck and shoulder pain, as well as back pain. Over the years of seeing several therapist and my family doctor, I never really felt that I gained any long term positive stability from these problems. Then after coming for consultation and treatment with Dr. Soordhar at his Toronto office, I learned that alot of the pain I was going through stemmed from a TMJ problem I had been suffering from but wasn’t aware of. After having just a few treatments, my conditions started to improve greatly and I have seen amazing results with the treatments.

Seta P., Mississauga, ON, Age 26. March 2010

I am a patient of Dr. Soordhar from his office in Toronto. My headaches started when I was 14 years old. I was getting headaches every day for 1.5 years. I would cry for my mom to get me something for my headaches and she would get me Advil. I would take 5 Advil each day to try to make my headaches better. During my check up appointment, Dr. Soordhar talked to me about my jaw clicking and if I had headaches. I started the treatment and I had no headaches after the first treatment. I completed five treatments and now the headaches don’t bug me in the morning or during the day, I feel much better. Thank you.

Stepanie M, Toronto, ON, Age 16. January 2010


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